Teal Nails Inspiration and Ideas: Get Your Nails Summer Ready

It has been a very stressful week for you, and I know you haven’t had time to relax. I’ve been there. It makes you frustrated that you haven’t had the time for yourself. You finally decided to book that appointment with your nail tech. That you have been contemplating for a while now, you deserve it. You deserve to have time for yourself. Because as my mom always says, “You can’t take care of things if you can’t take care of yourself first.”

Your appointment day with your nail tech has arrived. And you have trouble deciding on a particular design. You’re also contemplating whether you should get short or long nails, but you do know you want something teal-inspired. Well, worry no more, as I have listed the best teal nails inspiration and ideas for you to try out. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The teal color is gorgeous and calming, so I love adding it to my nails. My top 3 most recommended teal nail designs are the following: 

Top Picks

  1. Teal Abstract Nail Design
  2. Pastel Teal Nail Design
  3. Dollar Teal Nail Design
  4. Mickey Mouse Teal Nail Design
  5. Pastel Teal and Pink Nail Design 
  6. Floral Teal Nail Design
  7. Line Art Floral Short Teal Nail Design
  8. Glittery Teal and White Nail Design
  9. Artistic Teal and Rhinestone Nail Design
  10. White and Teal Ombre Nail Design
  11. Black and Teal Swirl Nail Design
  12. Glitter Confetti Teal Nail Design
  13. Glitter Mermaid Teal Nail Design
  14. Golden Pineapple Teal Nail Design
  15. Gold and Teal Marble Nail Design 

Selection Criteria

I chose the teal nails in this article based on the following criteria:

  • Teal nails that are suited for formal and informal events
  • Teal nails that are ideal for special occasions ( engagement or wedding)
  • Teal nails that are unique and artistic 
  • Teal nails that are minimalistic and suited for everyday wear
  • Teal nails that are suited for all age groups

Teal Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Teal Abstract Nail Design

This design is on the artistic side with an abstract design on it. It is fun, interesting, and refreshing. It reminds me of those kinds of paintings you will see in an art gallery. The look is easy to achieve if you have the basic tools and skills. The design can be worn during the summer because of the refreshing look. 

The teal abstract nail design has white and teal as its base colors. Hot pink, yellow, teal, and black form the abstract design. The white base color makes the neon colors truly pop out. This is something I would really recommend if you have plans on going to the beach. As I think it will look really cute with your bikinis. This is a design I would go for as I love how the colors go perfectly together. 

Pastel Teal Nail Design

This design is perfect for those who love to wear long nails. The design is elegant and classy despite its very long nail shape.

The colors are so pretty that I would want to wear this on important events or occasions. But, long nails are a big no-no for me because I’m constantly on my laptop. And I know I will get irritated with myself for typing like a sloth.

But I love pastel colors, and I would seriously consider wearing this, just not daily. Because this nail look is so long, I would rather go to a nail tech to achieve this look to perfection.

Dollar Teal Nail Design

This gorgeous nail design is super funky and glittery. And it is another nail design that is perfect for those who love to wear long nails. It includes teal as the base color with black gel for the dollar sign detailing. And plenty of rhinestones. The design is chic but isn’t really to my taste.

Although I love rhinestones on my nail designs, I don’t like having to fill an entire nail with them. And the dollar sign on the ring finger doesn’t seem to match the rest of the nail look and seems a bit out of place.

Mickey Mouse Teal Nail Design

“OH BOY,” I love this teal nail design. If you are planning to go to the happiest place on earth, this design is perfect for that kind of trip.

The design comprises teal as the base color and some mickey mouse stamps or nail stickers. You can also attempt to create these cute little mickey designs with black gel. And a fine nail art brush if you feel in a creative mood. I would wear this if I ever have a trip to Disneyland. The nails would perfectly blend with my Disney outfit! 

To be honest, it is a nail look that I would wear daily because I love that the design is done on short nails. And secondly, I’m obsessed with Mickey Mouse. So this nail design gets a big yes from me. 

Pastel Teal and Pink Nail Design

This gorgeous teal design is elegant and classy. Something you can wear to any event or occasion. The design includes pastel teal, pastel pink, white, and glitter. The design is incorporated in a french manicure style. The abstract design is then incorporated as the tip of the french manicure. The colors are then outlined with white and glitter nail gel.

The design is also elegant and sophisticated enough to be worn daily. It is a design I would wear to the office or a night out. But I need the help of my nail tech on this one. 

Floral Teal Nail Design

Floral Teal Nail Design
Source Pinterest

This design is a spring-themed nail design. It is cute and chic. And it includes teal and white as its base colors. The ring finger has a gorgeous teal-colored flower design on it with a rhinestone as its center. The nail look is easy to achieve. You only need white and teal base colors, a stencil to create the flower detail, and a single rhinestone. It is minimal, stylish, and elegant enough to be worn at formal events and even to the office. 

The teal and white color go perfectly together. This nail design is something I would seriously consider wearing once in a while. And I think this nail design would go perfectly for an outdoor picnic.

Line Art Floral Short Teal Nail Design

Line Art Floral Short Teal Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

This teal nail design is girly and aesthetic. Perfect for young girls who want to have a cute and refreshing nail design. But also a design that would suit the aesthetic they are into. The colors and design make the nail set appear fun and youthful. It is also a design that caters to short nails. That is why it is perfect for younger ladies who don’t want to explore the wonders of long nails yet. The design is easy to create if you are good at creating flowery art. But if this is your first time getting a nail set. I would suggest you go to your nail tech to get that experience and perfection. 

I could see my younger self wearing this design and bragging to my classmates. Teal was such a thing back then, and it is still today. So girls, go get this nail design! 

Glittery Teal and White Nail Design

Glittery Teal and White Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

This nail design is so gorgeous that I would consider wearing this to a wedding or classy event. The design includes teal and white base colors and a clear nail coated in golden glitter. And don’t forget the rhinestones that give the nail set an even more stylish look. It is elegant and sophisticated.

And I would recommend it to anyone with some formal event or occasion they will be attending if you have the required base colors, glitter, and rhinestones. You can quickly achieve this gorgeous teal nail set at home. 

Artistic Teal and Rhinestone Nail Design

This design is gorgeous and sparkly. And something I would suggest for the ladies who expect their partner to propose to them. It includes white, teal, and nude. Some rhinestones are also included to add more charm to the entire nail design. I love how the colors go together. It looks so artistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

The nail design looks so elegant and calming; I can stare at it all day long. It is also a design you can wear daily if you like it. The rhinestones don’t make the nail set appear over the top. And are kind of subtle, which is why they can be worn on formal and informal occasions. Which I’m a huge fan of. 

White and Teal Ombre Nail Design

Artistic Teal and Rhinestone Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

A teal nail inspiration and ideas list will never be complete without an ombre nail design. We all know that ombre nail designs are timely and classic. It is also a very versatile design. As any color can be made into an ombre, it can also be applied to different nail shapes.

The top part of the nails are teal and then fade beautifully into white from the middle to the tip of the nail. I actually thought of the beach when I first saw this design. Summer is already here, and I think this would be the perfect nail design to pair with my teal-colored bikini. I would head to my nail tech to achieve this nail set, knowing that my ombre nail design would not come out so flawlessly. 

Black and Teal Swirl Nail Design

Black and Teal Swirl Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

This design is perfect for all my bada** girls out there! The design is chic, cool, and very stylish. It includes black, nude, and teal base colors with some gorgeous swirl designs. The design looks so luxurious because of how the black compliments the teal and nude color. The design is versatile as you can wear it on formal and informal occasions or events. I would personally wear this to a formal corporate dinner or to a romantic dinner. I could also wear this when I’m going clubbing with my friends. But I will head to my nail tech to achieve those gorgeous swirl designs and the ombre effect.

Glitter Confetti Teal Nail Design

Glitter Confetti Teal Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

The design is incorporated on a short nail shape but can also be used on long nail shapes. The design includes a teal base color with some glitter to add that shimmering effect. 

The design is something I wear if I’m going to a party or clubbing, because of how fun and interesting it looks. It is not too much to the eyes but is enough to make a statement. You can easily create this look at home by painting all your nails with a teal base color and covering your ring finger in some blueish glitters and the nail bed of the little fingernail. I love nail sets that are easy to create and that look stunning. 

Glitter Mermaid Teal Nail Design

Glitter Mermaid Teal Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

This nail design gives me mermaid vibes. The blue glittery detail on the ring and little fingernail remind me of the mermaids’ glitter tails. That I would see when I would watch my Barbie movies or even the classic movie “Aquamarine.” The design includes blue glitter and teal as the base color. 

The nail set is also formal enough to be worn on important and formal events and occasions. And honestly, I would wear this to a corporate party or at a birthday event.

Golden Pineapple Teal Nail Design

Golden Pineapple Teal Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

A luxurious summer-themed nail design that is perfect for your luxurious beach getaway.

What is the perfect fruit to quench your thirst in the summer heat? That’s right, a pineapple! And the pineapple is now the perfect design for your nails this summer. The nail set uses teal, gold, black and green. The thumb and index fingernails are painted with a plain teal base color. The pinky and middle fingernails are also painted with a teal base color. Still, they are decorated with a single line of gold glitter gel. The ring fingernails are painted with a cute little pineapple using gold and green gel. And then outlined using the black gel.

I have been planning a beach getaway to the Maldives for quite some time now. And I think this would be perfect for that trip! I am so excited to have my nail tech put this on my nails. I also think this would be perfect to wear on important occasions. Because the gold detail would make the nails appear classy and elegant.

Gold and Teal Marble Nail Design

Gold and Teal Marble Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

This gorgeous design is perfect for those who want to incorporate both a marble design and the color teal. The design uses teal as the base color. Black and gold gel is then used to paint the marble-like detail. It looks more like a cracked nail than a marble design, but it still looks gorgeous.

The black and gold design makes the entire design look luxurious and elegant. It makes it perfect for use in formal and informal events or occasions. I could honestly see myself wearing this at a corporate party or important dinner events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Color Goes with Teal Nails?

Answer: According to my research, gold, silver, black and white work well with teal. It creates a look of fanciness, class, elegance, and sophistication. 

Question: Is Teal Blue or Green?

Answer: Normally, a teal color, is more green than blue. But it will depend on the shade of teal you choose to paint your nails with. 

Question: Why is Teal so Popular?

Answer: Teal is a popular color because it is so unusual and beautiful. And it is suitable for any occasion. Wearing teal on your nails will always make you look chic and classy.

Question: What Does the Color Teal Say About You?

Answer: The color teal says that you are a calm person. Who is open-minded and that you think thoroughly about a situation before acting on it. You are not likely to judge others and prefer to be neutral.


Teal is a versatile color. It can be fun and luxurious, but at the same time, it can also be calming and relaxing. It is suitable for any occasion, and that is what makes it so popular. 

If I had to recommend a teal nail design, it would be the Black and Teal Swirl Nail Design. Simply because of how luxurious and sophisticated it looks. I am always a sucker for designs that look sophisticated and that include black in the design. 

My next recommendation is the White and teal ombre design. Because it looks gorgeous and minimalist, it doesn’t have much decoration, but the color combination is just a bomb. The white makes the teal pop out.

And my last recommendation is the Artistic Teal and rhinestone Nail Design. As I have mentioned, that is a great design to get if you feel your partner is going to propose to you. The white and teal are so good and would fit perfectly with a white dress. The rhinestones are like diamonds glistening on your fingernails. And it would look nice together with your engagement ring.

I hope these teal nail recommendations have helped you decide on which designs to get. And if you are still contemplating whether you should book your appointment with your nail tech. Book it! You deserve that self-care. You deserve to relax and get your nails done. You have done well and consider that appointment to be your hard-earned reward. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Get yourself a teal manicure or create one yourself. Have fun!

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