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Who We Are!

The world of nail art is vast and full of inspirational products and talented artists. You could spend hours scrolling through various nail art inspiration boards on Pinterest or get lost in a talented artist’s Instagram page for hours! 

We know how overwhelming that can be regardless of whether you are new to nail art or have been working in a salon for years. That’s why we created Nail Aesthetic, to help you find inspiration, products, and knowledge in one place. We want to do the hard work for you, so you can get back to creating unique works of art!

Our Nail Goals

Our goal at Nail Aesthetic is to make sure you have tons of new inspirational ideas to look through. We want you to feel inspired to test out a new nail design, create something new or even just spend some time relaxing while enjoying your favorite hobby. We want you to walk away with the spark of creativity in your heart and appreciation for your craft! 

We aim to offer a variety of content for every nail enthusiast, regardless of if they are beginners or seasoned nail techs who have been in the industry for decades. We do this by offering a variety of inspirational guides to ensure that you always have a fresh idea for yourself or a client. Whether you want a stunning set of nails for an event or just want to add some pizzazz and personality to your everyday look, you’ll find something for everyone here!

We also want to make sure you are using the best products for your nails. Healthy nails are a priority, and so are the tools you use. There are a lot of products out there, from at-home nail kits to products that are geared toward professional nail techs. Our team of experts rounds up the best of the best. They recommend the same polish brands and tools that they use in their nail salons or at home. 

How We Approach Nail Content 

A nail expert writes each article with a passion for using their nails as a canvas to showcase their art. Our writers have years of experience in the industry, either as passionate at-home nail artists or professional nail techs who have spent hours training and building a successful business.

We know the best knowledge comes from those who are passionate, dedicated, and experienced in their craft. We love creativity and those who think outside the box; we know sometimes the best ideas are just a little out there. Our team of writers brings all of that to the table and more! 

Our team of editors assists writers with whatever they need, from answering questions about content to making sure a writer feels supported. They make sure a writer’s article is accurate and engaging, looks excellent, and gives you the confidence you need on your nail journey. 

The last step in making sure our content is top quality is to check in with you, our readers. Your valuable feedback helps us learn and grow so that we can provide you with better, more engaging content. We love your feedback; never be afraid to send your thoughts our way! 

What We Value

  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Authenticity 
  • Imagination

Meet Our Featured Nail Enthusiasts 

While we have a lovely team of nail experts, get to know a few of our featured writers!

Haley Parker- Licensed Cosmetologist

Hayley has been doing hair and nails professionally for years; she has experience with many different nail styles, techniques, and products. She loves sharing her knowledge with you and strives to make sure you get the most out of your nail journey and maintain healthy nails. 

How did you become interested in Nail Art?

I went to cosmetology school over ten years ago with the main intent to do hair. The nails just came with the licensing. However, since then, I have done more and more nails and got more and more excited about it.

What should those new to doing their own nails be aware of?

Doing your own nails is one of those “practice makes perfect” things. The first time you try to paint with your left hand will most likely not go well, but don’t let it discourage you. You do get better over time.

Do you have a favorite brand for nail products?

My favorite nail polish brand is CND, specifically CND Vinylux. It dries extremely fast in 10 minutes and lasts much longer than other nail polishes. The CND Shellac is also easier to apply because it applies more like a regular polish. Plus, CND Solar Oil is amazing!

What is your experience in the industry, and how does that shape the way you approach your articles?

I have been doing hair and nails for 10 years professionally. You can ensure that I am giving you the correct information when it comes to nail health and the way to do your nails. I also get to see a wide range of different nail styles and preferences with the amount of people I see in the salon.

Elizabeth Ramos- Nail Artist

Elizabeth is an artist who started branching out with her knowledge on nails in 2018. Since then, she’s created her own press-on nails and expanded in acrylic and polygel products and techniques. Her background as an artist allows her to see nails as another canvas and keep her inspiration fresh! 

How did you become interested in Nail Art?

I have always enjoyed getting my nails done and trying out different looks, but when salons shut over the pandemic, I began to experiment with nail art myself. I purchased a UV lamp and a range of gel colors and realized that doing my own nails was a fun and creative way of saving money!

What should those new to doing their own nails be aware of?

Over prepping! When doing your nails yourself, you need to file them and buff the surface. But, doing this too much can really damage the nails. Oh, and make sure you are using products that can strengthen the nails. Healthy nails are a must!

Do you have a favorite brand for nail products?

I swear by the 5-in-1 builder base by Mylee. After buying it, the quality of my manicures vastly increased, becoming much stronger and long-lasting. Mylee also has a wonderful range of top-quality gels that are easy to use!

What is your experience in the industry, and how does that shape the way you approach your articles?

I actually don’t have any experience in the industry, but my experiences doing my own nails have taught me a lot. I want to give advice on techniques and nail care in my articles, making sure those reading them have a rounded knowledge of doing their manicures themselves.

Stephanie Jensen – Home Beauty Expert

Stephanie loves all things beauty and even worked at Sephora for a time. As a kid, her mom took her to get manis and pedis, which has become a favorite part of her self-care routine. She loves that nail art is a unique way to showcase your unique style.

Nowadays, Stephanie isn’t afraid to attempt a DIY styler, but she still finds heading to the salon a great way to relax. She’s excited to share her tips, tricks, and experience-backed secrets with you and help you get the most out of your mani and pedi.

How did you become interested in Nail Art?

I started getting manicures as a teenager and loved the designs that my nail artist did. Ever since then, I have found nail art to be a great way to express your unique style.

What should those new to doing their own nails be aware of?

Choose your nail artist carefully. Search reviews and receive recommendations from friends. Don’t be afraid to try DIYing your nails.

Do you have a favorite brand for nail products?

I recommend China Glaze the most. They have so many beautiful and unique colors.

What is your experience in the industry, and how does that shape the way you approach your articles?

I worked at Sephora in college. Many people don’t know, but Sephora used to sell nail products. I discovered so many great nail polish brands but also ways that you can care for your nails at home. Because of my experience, I haven’t stepped into a nail salon in the past couple of years.

Phoebe Berkeley – Make-Up Artist 

The pandemic threw a wrench in many people’s regular beauty appointments, including Pheobes. She had to start getting creative if she wanted to keep her nails looking perfect, so she started to learn how to do her nails at home. 

She always loved all things beauty, so this wasn’t a massive step for her but a new skill set she had to master. Phoebe has been lucky enough to practice on her friends and has become very confident in her skills. She’s excited to share what she has learned on her journey and help others achieve creative nail art at home. 

How did you become interested in Nail Art?

I’ve always loved nail art; I’ve been going to get my nails done ever since high school! My interest really peaked during the pandemic when salons closed and I had to start creating nails for myself. I got really into the different kinds of nail applications like gel, dip and acrylic.

What should those new to doing their own nails be aware of?

When you’re trying to do your own nails, buying salon-quality products is the best way to go. I’ve tried to cheap out on gel polishes and nail tools, and I just end up needing to do my nails more often or buy a new one entirely. While you may be spending more upfront, you will see better results and save money in the long run. You can find salon-quality products online or at your nearest beauty supply store.

Do you have a favorite brand for nail products?

I love O.P.I and Gelish for nail products. They’re often used in salons, so they create stunning nails that last for weeks! You will need a UV light to cure these polishes if you choose to use gel, but their regular polishes are amazing as well!

What is your experience in the industry, and how does that shape the way you approach your articles?

I am a makeup artist by trade, so all of my nail training has been self-taught through aesthetician friends and online videos and programs. I have been able to perfect specific nail art types and have even practiced on friends. I think being self-taught gives me a good perspective to write articles for new learners since it wasn’t long ago that I was in the same place.

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