Anime Nails Inspiration and Ideas: Bring Character to Your Nails

Since a young age, I have always loved doing my nails. To me, it was kind of like therapy. It would always make me feel better when I was having a bad day. Only three things can cheer me up when I’m feeling blue. My hubby, doing my nails and watching Anime. Over the years, I have created many Anime nail looks.

So I can assure you that I will bring you the best Anime nails inspiration and ideas today. These nails will lift you up when you are feeling down and bring back some nostalgic memories. My favorite Anime series to watch are Dragon Ball Z, Demon slayer, and Attack on Titan. So ladies, let us get right to it.

Bottom Line Up Front

Are you obsessed with doing your nails while watching Anime? Well, you will love this Anime nail inspiration and ideas article I have in store for you today! Bring life to your nails and get out of your comfort zone, girl! 

My favorite anime nail idea is the Pink and Black Dragon Ball Z Nails. The nail set includes my favorite colors, my favorite nail shape, and the characters of one of my favorite anime series. Let us take a look at my other top choices. 

Top Picks

  1. Spy X Family Anya Nails – Perfect for ladies who love pink and girly things.
  2. Shinichi Okazaki Anime Nails – Nails that are fun, creative, and stylish. Perfect for the punk-style lovers out there. 
  3. Bakugou-inspired Anime Nails (My Hero Academia.) – A more subtle set that is easy to create. 
  4. Light Yagami x Ryuk (Death Note) – Gorgeous nail art that pulls you in and makes you the center of attention at any party. 
  5. Pink and Black Dragon Ball Z Nails – Nails that include my favorite colors. It is the perfect set to combine my girly and gothic sides. 
  6. Gorgeous Black and Purple Naruto Anime Nails – I love the colors and art in this nail set. It is a nail set that I would like to wear every day. 

Selection Criteria

I chose the following anime nail ideas according to the following criteria. 

  • Nails that need a pro nail artist to create.
  • Nails that are easy to create. 
  • Nails that are a great choice for Halloween. 
  • Nails that are cute and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Nails that are from my favorite anime series.
  • Nails that are great for special events or comic cons. 

Anime Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Spy X Family Anya Nails

spy x family anya nails

These nails are stinking cute! I love how the light pink, hot pink, and glitter complement the character on the middle finger. The character on the middle finger is known as Anya from Spy X Family. What I love most about her is her bubbly and cheerful personality. Her personality is perfectly represented in this nail set.

I love her big bright green eyes and pink hair. It makes the entire nail set look cute, cheerful, and alive. The nail set is also the perfect length and won’t disturb your daily activities. This is a nail look that I would love to get for my birthday or for a fun event. But I will definitely need an expert’s help in creating this look. As there are a lot of fine details that go into creating this nail look. 

If you want a super cute girly nail design, this is the perfect one to get!

Shinichi Okazaki(Nana)Anime Nails

shinichi okazaki (nana) anime nails

I’m obsessed with this nail set! I love how the index, middle, and ring fingernails form a picture of Shinichi Okazaki. The design is intricate and creative. This nail look perfectly captures the character’s blue-dyed hair, blue-colored contacts, and punk style. The thumb and little fingernails are black and match the black studded choker around his neck. I love the punk gothic vibes I’m getting from this nail set. 

The added blue glitter to the bottom of the nails makes this set even more trendy and stylish. Although I love the creativity of this nail set, it is not something I would personally go for. It is long, and I know those chains will get stuck on everything. This is a great nail look if you go to a rock, punk, or metal concert. 

This is a set you will need the help of a professional to achieve. I know the symmetry would be totally off if I tried to achieve this look on my own. 

Goku x Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Anime Nails

goku x vegeta dragon ball z anime nails

The Dragon Ball Z series is my favorite anime series of all time. I would watch it every afternoon after school. Goku was my favorite character. So obviously, I’m head over heels for this nail set. In this nail set, we can see Goku, Vegeta, the Dragon Ball emblem, and some dragon balls. I think the nail set is fun and creative, bringing back cherished childhood memories. 

I would change the shape and length of this nail set. The length is too long for me to do my daily tasks. And the shape will make me lose an eye. This nail set is a great option for a special event, comic con, or Halloween. You will need to visit an experienced nail tech to achieve this look. It will be hard to create on your own, especially if you are a beginner. 

Demon Slayer Anime Nails

demon slayer anime nails

Another one of my favorites! I love Nezuko Kamado, as she is a very special character in the Demon Slayer. Pink is also my favorite color, which is why I’m obsessed with this nail look. The thumb and ring fingernails have gorgeous detailed art of Nezuko. It also has pretty little flower sequences to form the background. The index finger and the little fingernail are covered in a pretty baby pink gel. Half of each nail is covered in the beautiful Nezuko Kimono pattern.

The middle finger is completely covered with this gorgeous pattern, with the baby pink peeking through. This is a gorgeous nail set to get for your birthday, an anime event, or Halloween. Although, I think it is way too cute for Halloween. 

Sadly this nail set is too hard to achieve on your own if you are not a pro at creating fine-line details or nail art. 

Bakugou-Inspired Anime Nails (My Hero Academia)

bakugou-inspired anime nails (my hero academia)

So maybe you don’t want to proclaim to the entire world, “Hey, I’m an anime lover .” You want a nail set that is more subtle without the characters but still resembles your favorite Anime. This Bakugou-Inspired nail set is a great option if your favorite Anime is My Hero Academia. 

The index, middle, and little fingers start with a nude base. It then fades into a black French tip with orange crisscross detail. The ring finger has a black base with an orange flame detail that forms the French tip. And lastly, the thumbnail has a black base with some orange line detailing. This detailing resembles the outfit of Bakugou beautifully. 

Sadly, it is not a nail set that I can wear to the office. But I can wear it clubbing and on a night with hubby because it will look HOT with my little black dress. The orange and black also makes it a great nail set for Halloween. If you are good at creating French tip designs, this nail set will be easy for you to achieve. It gets a yes from me!

Attack On Titan Anime Nails

attack on titan anime nails

If I had to describe these Attack on Titan’s nails in one word, I would describe it as “”Insane.” The detail is amazing, and the colors that are used complement each other perfectly. In my opinion, the colors green, black, and gold represent the renewal, power, mystery, success, and triumph of the Attack on Titan series. 

This nail art is on an extreme level, so I advise you to head to an experienced nail tech to achieve this look. I would wear these nails to an anime event or anime-themed party. Definitely one of my favorites!

One Piece Anime Nails

one piece anime nails

Now, this is a piece of art! Zoro and Sanji are my favorite characters in One Piece. I love their brotherly bond and their trust in each other. I think the two characters came out perfectly in this nail set. I also love that there is a mixture of subtle and loud colors. It balances out the look perfectly. 

The length and the shape of the nails are also perfect for me. As I can go about my day without worrying about breaking a nail or taking 6 hours to reply to an email. Again you will have to be a nail art expert if you want to create this look. I would wear this nail set to fun casual events or Anime themed parties. So fun!

Light Yagami x Ryuk (Death Note)

light yagami x ryuk (death note)

Death Note is one of my and my husband’s favorite anime series. I have lost track of the number of times we have rewatched it. When it was my husband’s birthday, we went with a Death Note theme, and I opted for these nails. Of course, I went to a nail salon to achieve this look, as there was no way I would have achieved this gorgeous set on my own. 

What I love most about this set is that it looks 3D and as if it is pulling you in. The white and black gel highlights the art and makes it stand out more. When I opted for this nail set, I went for a shorter length as this length was too long. Halloween is literally around the corner, and this is a great set to go for. 

So go find a professional nail salon and get this nail set done. I must warn you that these Death Note nails might cost you an arm and a leg. But for a special occasion like Halloween or a party, it is totally worth it. 

Cowboy Bebop Anime Nails

cowboy bebop anime nails

These nails look so chic, cute, and stylish! I love that there is a contrast between the two hands. The left-hand side is light and glittery, while the right-hand side is dark and glittery. Although the series is the same age as I am (Oops, now I’m exposing my age). I really enjoy it. 

I feel like the colors and designs of the nails really suit the space theme of the series. The nails on the left are light blue with glitter and have two main characters. Faye Valentine on the index finger and Spike Spiegel on the ring finger. The middle finger design looks like an aiming point and a piece of glass that has shattered. It also looks like there is some splatter of blood here and there. To me, this represents that they are bounty hunters and catch criminals. 

This is a nail set that I will need the help of an expert to achieve, as there are very fine details. The nails of the right hand are black. I really like that the index, middle, and ring fingers together form the series’ name. The little fingernails are black and glittery and give me galaxy vibes. I love everything about this nail set and wish I could wear them as my everyday nails. But I will save this idea for a special event. 

Kill La Kill Glitter Anime Nails

kill la kill glitter anime nails

If you love glitter and Anime, this nail set is for you! All the nails except the two middle fingernails are covered in gorgeous silver glitter. The two middle fingernails are covered in the beautiful art of the main protagonist of Kill La Kill, Ryuko Matoi.

This nail set is not that hard to create compared to the other nails mentioned above. Most of the nails are just covered with glitter. But to me, it is still tricky because of the two middle fingernails. I will head to my nail tech to perfect this one; thank you, ladies! 

I love this nail set because of the glitter and the beautiful hand-painting detail of the character. I would literally wear this nail set to a fancy event because it looks stylish and sophisticated. With this nail set, you are sure to shine. Literally!

Pink and Black Dragon Ball Z Anime Nails

pink and black dragon ball z anime nails

My favorite colors to get on my nails are pink and black. So when I saw this pink and black Dragon Ball Z nail set, I knew I had to add it to my list of nail designs. As I mentioned before, Dragon Ball Z is one of my favorite Anime series, so this nail set was perfect for me. 

The nails on the right hand are all pink except for the middle finger, which has Vegeta hand painted on it. The nails on the left hand are all in black except for the middle finger, which has Super Buu hand painted on it. I love how the pink and black look together with the added characters. What makes me love these nails even more, is that they are coffin shaped. I feel that the shape compliments the art amazingly. I would just get a shorter length as this length is a bit too long for me. 

I would love to get this nail set for my next birthday or for my and my husband’s summer vacation. I know this set will look super cute with the planned outfits. 

Orange Dragon Ball Z Anime Nails

orange dragon ball z anime nails

Okay, so I understand the principle of these nails. They are meant to look like dragon balls. But I absolutely hate them! They look like eagle claws with added red stars on top. Other than anime conventions or comic cons, I have no idea where you would wear this nail set. 

I would say the only thing I like about this nail set is that it is easy to create. The only hard part is creating the red stars. And I think most of us learned how to draw a star in primary school. So you got it, girl! If you like this nail set, get it! This nail set is just not for me. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Anime Nails

jujutsu kaisen sukuna anime nails

I think this nail set is a beautiful representation of Sukuna’s demon form. The red represents the color of his body. The black detailing represents the black markings on his body. I love red nails, but I’m not personally a fan of this nail set. It looks scary to me, and the stiletto shape just worsens it. 

This is, again, a good option for Halloween nails. You will definitely stand out with these bloody demon-looking nails. This nail set is also easy to achieve if you are good at creating basic abstract line detailing. 

Yellow and Orange Naruto Anime Nails

yellow and orange naruto anime nails

If you are looking for a stylish short Naruto nail set, this is the perfect nail set to get. The right hand’s nails are yellow-themed. The nails on the left hand are orange themed. The yellow and orange remind me of the sun and give me a positive vibe. I love the French tip designs on the index fingers; it adds class to the nails. The characters on the middle fingernails match the colors of the nails very well.

I really like this nail set! It is short, convenient, and great for birthday parties. But you will definitely need to head to a nail salon to get this look, as there are a lot of fine details. Good luck!

Black and Red Naruto Anime Nails

black and red naruto anime nails

I love how these nails have a mysterious and daring look to them. The nails are black with red Naruto symbols on them that are outlined with white gel. The ring finger on the right hand has Minato Namikaze art hand painted on it. The ring finger on the left is red with a black Naruto symbol. If you love attending Comicon or Cosplay parties, this nail set will be ideal for you.

Due to the hand-painted art and the Naruto symbol designs, you will need an experienced nail tech to achieve this set.

Black and White Naruto Anime Nails

black and white naruto anime nails

The right hand’s nails are `white, while the left’s nails are black. Both hand nails have colorful Naruto symbols painted on them. I like this set; it is short, cute, and colorful. It is me in a nail set. I would love to wear this set as my everyday nails.

If you are good at creating line details and highlights, this set will be easy for you to create at home. This set will be great if you want to bring some color and fun designs to your nails.

Gorgeous Black and Purple Naruto Anime Nails

gorgeous black and purple naruto anime nails

These black, purple, and white detailed nails look stunning together! I love how the index and little fingernails look like lighting streaks in the dark sky. The black Naruto symbols look gorgeous on the purple nails. The ring fingernails are my favorite, with the characters on the white nails. These designs are intricate and will need the help of a nail tech. Although this set has a lot of detail, it is not over the top or loud and can be worn as your everyday nails. This set is one of my favorites!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Anime Nails Trendy?

Answer: Absolutely. Anime nails are very popular and will still be trendy for many years. Anime has a creative style and brings comfort to people. So why wouldn’t they want to add creativity and comfort to their nails?

Question: Are Anime Nails Hard to Create?

Answer: This all depends on the design. Some are simple and only need basic skills to create. Other anime nails need a pro nail artist because of the intricate hand-painted art and details. 

Question: Are Anime Nails Expensive? 

Answer: Again, this will all depend on the design you are going for. If you want an abstract design that contains mostly line details, this should be affordable. Suppose the designs are more complicated and have more detailed hand-painted characters. In that case, they will be more expensive as it would take the nail artist a couple of hours to complete. 


There you have it, Weebs! I hope you enjoyed my anime nail ideas. Anime nails are a fun way to bring character to your nails and step out of your comfort zone. I love adding my favorite anime series to my nails. It always adds a smile and brings warmth and comfort to my heart. 

What was your favorite anime nail idea mentioned in this article? I recommend trying the Bakugou-Inspired Anime Nails (My Hero Academia). It is easy to create if you have beginner or intermediate-level nail skills. It also looks super stylish. 

My favorite anime nail idea is the Pink and Black Dragon Ball Z Anime Nails. I love how it allows me to be girly and goth at the same time. 

If you are unsure which anime nails to get, go through my ideas again. I’m sure you will find a set that suits you perfectly. What are you waiting for, ladies? Bring some color and fun to your nails with these gorgeous anime nails. 

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