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Half-Moon Nails Inspiration and Ideas That Will Make You Feel Over the Moon

Half-moon nails are a fun and exciting nail design. The design includes painting your entire nail except for the lunula (the white half-moon) part of your nail. You can also paint the lunula a different color or use this part of your nail to create fun designs.

I’m excited to share my half-moon nails’ inspiration and ideas with you today, from cute half-moon nails to more classy and sophisticated ones. You will surely find the half-moon nail design that suits your style and personality. 

The first time I discovered a half-moon nail design was in my senior year of high school. My English teacher had her nails painted olive green with the lunula part of her nail left clear. At the time, I did not know this was a thing and thought, “Really, can’t she just put in a little more effort? Her polish is so grown out!” Well Oops! 

I was not a fan of this nail look for a few years until I tried the design on my nails last year. I discovered so many fun half-moon nail designs. Don’t worry; I’m not going to keep them to myself. Are you ready to try out something new with your nails? Let’s go, ladies!

Bottom Line Upfront

I like the Mini Egg Half-Moon Nails the best. I love how sweet and pretty this set is. It probably also has to do with Mini eggs being my favorite candy. The colors used in the design go together perfectly.

This nail set will work for any occasion and be a hit during spring and summer. And if you are looking for your next Easter nail set, definitely add this set to the top of your list. 

Let us have a look at my other top picks. 

Selection Criteria

I chose the Half-Moon Nails Inspiration in this article according to the following criteria:

  • Most of the nails are a manageable length, so you can easily go about your day without any hassles. 
  • Half-Moon designs that are easy to create, and others are more challenging and will need the help of a nail tech. 
  • Nail shapes that will complement your fingers.
  • A variety of nail shades and designs to suit everyone’s liking. Some half-moon nails are simple and minimalistic. Others are more detailed and stand out. 

Half-Moon Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Orange Half-Moon Nails 

I’m not usually a fan of orange nails, but these orange half-moon nails are stunning. I love how the orange half moon on each nail looks like orange slices. The nude and orange also make the perfect color combo. It is simple but still stylish. Add a touch of summer to your nails with this orange half-moon nail design. 

These nails are suited for casual or formal wear. The shape and length of this nail design are also perfect and will look good on anyone. It is also very easy to create. With this nail design, you will be orange-inal. So what are you waiting for? 

Red and Nude Half-Moon Nails

If you want a neutral nail set with a slight added element of boldness, this is the perfect nail set to get. I love neutral nails! It goes with anything, and the red half-moon design adds chicness to the look. The nails are on the short side, which makes me love this design even more because I’m a writer. 

Whether you are going to work, an important meeting, or even a night out, this red half-moon nail design is sure to slay. And don’t worry. You don’t have to run around finding a nail appointment. You can create this stunning look at home. 

Lemon Half-Moon Nails

If life gives you lemons, create lemon half-moon nails! This lemon half-moon nail design is simple and cute. It is the perfect nail set for summer. These nails are sure to bring positivity to your fingertips and brighten your day.

I don’t usually go for yellow nail sets, but I actually like how this half-moon nail set looks. The oval shape will elongate your fingers. And the length will make it more convenient to do your daily tasks. 

You can even create this nail look at home. Nails that look good and that are easy to create are always a win in my books.

Puppy Half-Moon Nails

What is cuter than puppies? Puppy half-moon nails, of course! I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends if you don’t like this nail design. The wagging puppy that forms the half-moon design on each nail warms my heart.  And the glitter star base makes this nail design even cuter. I love how the base of the nails is glittery and neutral and doesn’t take away the attention of the adorable half-moon puppy design. 

This nail design is cute, and the nails’ color, shape, and length make it perfect for everyday wear. This nail set will be your best friend! I would definitely go to my nail tech to get this look. I want the designs to look like puppies and not like orange blobs with eyes. 

Pink and White Half-Moon Nails

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.” If you get this nail set, you will definitely be singing this song, as these white and hot pink nails give off Barbie vibes. I’m obsessed with this white and hot pink nail combo. I love how the thumb, index, and pinkie fingers have white as the half-moon design while the other fingers have hot pink. 

This nail design is adorable and ladylike. The glossy top coat just adds that element of chicness to the look. The length and shape of the nail also complement the design. You can easily create this half-moon nail design in the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Get this nail set and live your Barbie dreams. 

Dragon Fruit Half-Moon Nails 

Are you in the mood for a tropical nail design but have no idea what to go for? What about dragon fruit half-moon nails? These nails are cute, aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect nail set to get for summer. 

I love how the half-moon part of the nail resembles the inside of the dragon fruit while the green resembles the leaves and the hot pink the outside of the fruit. The design is bright, creative, and surprisingly easy to create. All you need is the desired colors and your thin nail art brush or dotting tool, and you are good to go. 

I love dragon fruit, and I love this half-moon nail design. The only problem I have with this design is I’m scared I might want to bite my nails because the design looks too good!

Cow Print Half-Moon Nails

These nails are moo-tiful! If you know me, you would know I’m obsessed with anything cow print. And this nude nail set with the half-moon cow print design is my definition of perfection. The nail set’s shape and length are also great, as it is not too long but long enough to make my fingers appear slimmer. 

I love how this nail set looks cute and classy at the same time. This nail set, paired with some gold jewelry and a white buttoned-up dress, will be the epitome of elegance. This look is easy to create if you are good at creating animal prints. Show off your fun and classy side with this cow half-moon nail design.

Evil Eye Half-Moon Nails

I got my “eye” on this nail design. This nail design has a pretty glittery golden base with an evil eye forming part of every nail’s half-moon. The nail set looks beautiful and powerful.

I think this nail set is very pretty; I would just have preferred if the evil eye was only on one or two nails, not all of them. I feel having this design on all of the nails makes it look over the top and takes away that powerful and elegant look. But one thing is for sure you will definitely keep the evil away with this nail look. 

This nail set will be easy for those who are good at creating nail designs. I will head to my nail tech for this one, as I’m not the best at drawing eyes. I love the shape and length of this nail set. I feel like evil eye designs on long nails will make the design just look creepy and weird. What do you guys think? 

Mini Egg Half-Moon Nails

These mini egg half-moon nails are adorable! Mini eggs are my guilty pleasure, guys! I can eat an entire packet in one sitting, and no, I’m not proud of it!

So, of course, I’m obsessed with this nail set. I love that the entire nail is white except for the half-moon part, which looks like a mini egg. Each nail has a different mini egg color, and I’m obsessed with it. Of all the half-moon nail designs, this one is my ultimate favorite. 

The shape and length of the nails are also perfect and help make the nails look even more like mini eggs. I would head to my nail tech for this nail look so that my mini egg nails can be on fleek! This nail set is excellent for summer. They will also be great for Easter time; what do you guys think? 

Blue Half-Moon Nails

Wow! This blue half-moon nail set is simple but oh-so-gorgeous! I love how the half-moon is light blue and outlined with golden glitter, while the rest of the nail is a beautiful light pink. The light blue and pink just works perfectly together. To me, this nail set screams sophistication and elegance. 

In my opinion, this would be the perfect nail set to get for a gender reveal party. It would fit the pink and blue theme perfectly! The best part is that this stunning nail set is easy to create. So you don’t have to worry about running around at the last minute to get your nails done. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. Love it!

Kiwi Half-Moon Nails

Half-Moon Nails Inspiration: kiwi half moon nails
Image from Instagram

Are you looking for a nail design that is fun and unique? This Kiwi half-moon nail design will be perfect for you! The nails are nude with a kiwi design on the moon of your nails. It looks cute, clean, and refreshing. I feel like the nude base complements the half-moon Kiwi design perfectly and makes it stand out. 

This Kiwi half-moon nail set is great if you want something fun for the summer but still want to keep your nails minimalistic and simple. I feel the nails’ shape and length are great and complement the design. If you are great at creating nail designs and blending colors, this nail look will be easy peasy for you to achieve.

Bring freshness to your nails with this Kiwi nail design. I think these nails are deliciously cute, and they definitely get a yes from me!

Egg Half-Moon Nails

These egg half-moon nails are egg-cellent! I love how the egg yolks form the perfect half-moon design. And I think it is very creative that the ring fingernail is a full egg. So if you want to egg-splore new and creative half-moon nail designs, make sure to give this nail set a go. 

The design is very detailed and hard to create. So if you’re not the best at design, I would suggest heading to your nail tech for this one. I love the added black spot detail and glitter around the egg designs. This nail set is truly egg-ceptional. This nail set will also indirectly remind you to eat breakfast daily. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. 

Creepy Half-Moon Nails

I just had to throw a cute but creepy half-moon nail design in here. The nail set is clear at the moon of the nail. It looks as if the rest of the neon green nail is stitched to the moon of the nail. This small detail adds a cool look to the nails.

This easy-to-create nail set will make your nails come “alive.” The design and shape also make it perfect for Halloween or even a neon party. 

I’m not a fan of neon nail sets, as I don’t like drawing attention to my nails. But I would definitely get this nail set as it is something different. The only thing I would change about this nail set is the shape.

I don’t like stiletto-shaped nails (don’t hate me) because I will lose an eye, and I feel it’s a bit too bold for my personality. But other than that, this creepy half-moon nail set gets a yes from me!

Mint Cheetah Half-Moon Nails

Do you love animal print nail sets? Well, then, you will love this half-moon nail set! I love the combination of the mint green with the cheetah print and the moon part of the nail that is left clear. It is creative and fresh. The golden glitter added to the cheetah print adds a sense of elegance to the nail set. 

I think this nail set is perfect for a boss, babe. Not only is it sophisticated and classy, but it is the ideal length to not get in your way when you are going about your day. This half-moon nail set is challenging to create, so I suggest heading to your nail tech to achieve this look. 

What I love the most about this nail look is that it will look good all year round. Animal print will always be trendy, so get your mint cheetah half-moon nails today!

Mulberry Half-Moon Nails

This half-moon nail set is a gorgeous color between red and purple. The moon part of the nail design is clear and outlined with gold glitter. It’s the perfect autumn nail set. I’m also obsessed with the almond shape of the nails. I always want a nail shape that elongates my fingers, and this shape does exactly that. 

I love this nail set. It is sweet, stylish, and classy. If you want a more mature and sophisticated nail set for an event or for work, this half-moon nail set is definitely the one to go for. The best part is you can easily create it in the comfort of your own home. All you need is the desired color, some glitter, and your nail art brush, and you are good to go. 


Question: When Were Half-Moon Nails Invented?

Answer: I thought that the half-moon nail design was new. But I was shocked to find out that the design was invented in the 1920s. It was seen as a status symbol, interesting, right? So it just goes to show that it’s a great design to get if it has been trendy for over 100 years. Am I right?

Question: Can I do my own Half-Moon Nails?

Answer: Oh yes, you can, hun! Let’s have a look at how you can easily create half-moon nails at home:

  1. Firstly you will need to file your nails, preferably in a rounded shape.
  2. Next, apply your base coat.
  3. Paint your entire nail except for your moon area.
  4. You can use your nail art brush to perfect the half moon. Just apply some nail polish remover/acetone to your brush and get rid of the polish that went over.
  5. If you’re not great at creating the half-moon design free hand, you can also stick a band-aid to your nail to help you create the design.
  6. Lastly, apply your top coat. 

Question: Do Half-Moon Nails Look Good on Anyone?

Answer: I would say absolutely! Half-moon nails are stylish and different. There are so many different designs you could try out. So you are sure to find the half-moon nail design that will look good on you whether you are 17 or 70.

Half-Moon Nails Inspiration: Conclusion

We have reached the end of this article, ladies. I hope you found a half-moon design that you can try at home or show your nail lady at your next appointment. At first, I did not like half-moon nails. But when I discovered the fun nail sets you can create with this design, it became my new go-to. 

What was your favorite half-moon nail set mentioned in this article? I would suggest getting the Blue Half Moon Nails if you want something stylish but elegant. The Mint Cheetah Half Moon Nails is also the perfect set to get if you want to bring that boss babe energy. 

Remember, ladies, “Life ain’t perfect, but your nails can be.” So choose your favorite half-moon nail set and get those nails on fleek ladies. Have fun!

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