Lavender Nails Inspiration and Ideas: Bring Class and Elegance to Your Nails

Have you ever been invited to a wedding? If so, you will know how stressful it is to choose the right nail color and design to go with it, and also a design that you can wear after the wedding without it looking weird. And you know what the perfect color for such a situation is? Lavender! It is subtle yet elegant and classy as well.

Today I want to share my best lavender nail inspirations and ideas. I think lavender is such a lovely color that creates a calming and relaxing environment. It’s a color that is suited for any occasion. 

I have always loved the color purple and all shades of it, especially lavender. It was always a color that made me feel calm and relaxed. And when I put it on my nails, I feel as if a world of sophistication, class, and elegance opens up to me. I know, I know I’m a bit dramatic — but that is what makes life fun — and life will always be a joy if you have lavender nails! So let’s get to it, ladies! 

Bottom Line Up Front

Have you always been obsessed with the color purple and the different shades of it? Same girl! If I could have everything in my life in purple or, more specifically, lavender, that would be amazing! But for now, I will keep to my nails and my bedroom wall. Speaking of nails, I want to share my favorite lavender nail inspirations and ideas today. They’ll invite some calm and sophistication into your life!  

I have a few favorites from this list. I love the Cute Lavender Floral French Nail Design, the Lavender Daisy Nail Design, and the All Shades of Lavender Nail Design, because all these nails have something in common. They are cute, girly, sophisticated, and minimalistic — everything I want in a nail set!

Let’s look at my other top picks and find your favorite nail set. 

Top Picks

  1. Lavender oval shaped Nails Design
  2. Cute Lavender Floral French Nail Design
  3. Lavender Daisy Nail Design
  4. Lavender Floral Nail Design
  5. Glittery Lavender Nail Design
  6. Lavender Line Art Nail Design
  7. White and Lavender French Manicure Nail Design
  8. Basic Lavender Nail Design
  9. Lavender and Glitter Abstract Nail Design
  10. All Shades of Lavender Nail Design
  11. Lavender Butterfly Nail Designs
  12. Lavender French Manicure Nail Design
  13. Springtime Lavender Nail Design
  14. Lavender Toe Nail Design

Selection Criteria

I chose the lavender nail ideas mentioned in this article according to the following criteria:

  • Lavender nails that are perfect for a wedding.
  • Lavender nails that are cute and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lavender nails that are easy to create.
  • Lavender nails that are suited for both formal and informal events.
  • Lavender nails that are perfect for prom.
  • Lavender nails that are perfect for vacation or your birthday.

Lavender Oval Shaped Nails Design

Image from Pinterest

This nail set is so stunning that I would love to wear it as my everyday nails. This design is perfect for you if you want something chic and adorable. The pretty lavender flower is the main attraction in this design.

This design uses lavender, dark purple, and green. The lavender color is painted as the base color on all the fingernails. Lavender flowers are painted on the middle and ring fingernails. Using dark purple and green gel. And then, a top coat is added as a finishing touch. This nail set is easy to achieve at home as you just need your lavender base color and your thin nail art brush to create the lovely lavender flower detail. 

This is a nail design that I could wear at a wedding or on important occasions. The lavender flowers are so pretty, which makes the wearer look elegant and chic. I can see myself wearing this set with a white summer dress with some purple sneakers. I’d put my hair up in a messy bun and be on my way to have a picnic with my husband. 

Cute Lavender Floral French Nail Design

Cute Lavender Floral French Nail Design
Image from Pinterest

If you are looking for something cute and feminine that is in the form of a french manicure, this design is perfect for you. It is youthful, fashionable, and stylish. This nail design uses the colors lavender, white, and nude. Lavender is painted as the base color of the thumb, index, and little fingernail. The nude is used as the base color of the french manicure on the ring and middle fingernails. The lavender color is then used for the tips, and some tiny cute flowers are added using white gel. And to complete the design, a glossy top coat is added.

I like how this design can be worn by all ages. I would totally wear this on a luncheon date with friends or picnics with my family. This set is so beautiful that I want to wear it to the office daily. #Obsessed

Lavender Daisy Nail Design

Image from Pinterest

If you are into something cottage core or that gives off spring vibes, this is the perfect nail design for you. The design is chic, elegant, and very girly. It’s a design you can easily pair with any light or pastel-colored dress.

The nail design uses lavender, white, and yellow. Lavender is used as the base color. While the white and yellow gel is used to draw the daisy flower designs.

It’s a design I love because it’s cute and aesthetically pleasing. This nail set can be worn to any formal or informal event because of the gorgeous color and the pretty little daisies. It’s a nail set I would definitely get in the spring or summer. I have the perfect outfit in mind for this nail set: some ripped blue mom jeans with a white button top, some gold jewelry, and some purple or white sneakers. What do you think? Fabulous, right? 

Lavender Floral Nail Design

This design is perfect for those long nail enthusiasts! The design is very pretty and a tad bit sparkly, perfect for those who are in the mood to get some rhinestones.

The design uses nude, purple glitter, lavender, and white polish. Some shiny rhinestones are also added. The lavender color is applied to the thumb and middle fingernails. At the same time, some shiny rhinestones are added to the top part of the middle fingernail. A combination of nude and lavender ombre is then applied to the index fingernail. Nude is applied on the little fingernail as the base color, and the nail is outlined with lavender gel. 

Purple glitter is applied to the ring fingernail, and a white 3-D flower is sculpted on the nail. Although the length of the nail isn’t appealing to me, the design is gorgeous enough to earn a second glance. I think the design is lovely and aesthetically pleasing, which is why it has made its place on this list. I would like to get this nail set, but I would opt for a shorter length.

Is it just me, or does this nail set give Barbie of Swan Lake vibes? I think it is the different purple shades, the glitter, and the 3D white flower design. It reminds me of Barbie’s beautiful dress, and of course, the white flower reminds me of the swan. This lavender nail set is sure to make an impression. It would be perfect for a wedding, whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride. 

Glittery Lavender Nail Design

Now, this is the nail design you should be wearing to prom! The gorgeous shade of lavender along the glitters is very eye-catching. That is why if you wear this, it will surely attract and earn you some compliments! Prom season may have ended, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear this out in daylight!

This nail design uses a darker shade of lavender and some purple glitter. The lavender is applied to the thumb, middle, and little fingernails. In contrast, the purple glitter is applied to the index and ring fingernails.

As I have said, it’s a nail design you can surely wear to prom or when you are planning to go clubbing with your friends. The glitter makes it more party-themed and gives it an elegant but fun look. This is definitely a nail set that I would wear on a night out with my girls because, sadly, my prom days are long over. 

Lavender Line Art Nail Design

Image from Instagram

“Simplicity is beauty.” This timeless design is at once gorgeous, classy, minimalist, and elegant. The design uses lavender as the base color on all the nails. You can then take a thin nail art brush and some black gel and create the line art design. You can also use a sticker or stencil if you are not that great at art.

I personally love this nail set because the color and the design are very appealing to me. This is also a design that I can simply wear to formal and important events or occasions. It is also a design you can wear to the office or simply daily because it is minimalist. The black line art on the lavender base color looks so artistic and fun. It is a nail design you should at least try once in your life. Sometimes simple is the better and safer option when it comes to nails. 

White and Lavender French Manicure Nail Design

Image from Pinterest

Ah, this set is stunning! It is elegant and very, very classy. This is definitely a nail set I would have loved to get for my wedding day a few years back because it would have made it feel even more like a fairy tale wedding. What makes this nail design even better is that it is minimalist, and it is something you can wear daily.

This nail set uses nude, lavender, and white polish. The lavender color is applied to the thumb and little fingernails. The french manicure style is applied on the index finger, middle, and ring fingernails. The white gel is used on the tip of the index finger and ring finger. While the lavender color is used on the middle finger’s tip, the nude color is used as the base color of this french manicure. 

The lavender color is used to draw the flower details on the ring fingernails. I think this design is very sophisticated and classy — something a boss babe would wear to the office. This would also be perfect for garden weddings, picnics, or garden-themed luncheons. #Fabulous

Basic Lavender Nail Design

This design is considered fairly basic, yet sometimes basic designs are some of the most sophisticated designs in the world. Because of the color itself, its beauty is magnified many times. This nail design uses a darker shade of lavender, and it is applied to all the fingernails. To add more charm, a glossy top coat is added to finish the overall design.

I love this nail set as it is simple and basic but at the same time classy and elegant. I won’t have any trouble pairing my outfits, which is a big plus. Whether I’m heading to an important meeting or going out with hubby afterward, this nail set will look great for both occasions. 

Lavender and Glitter Abstract Nail Design

 Ah, another gorgeous design! This gorgeous nail design is so classy and timeless. This is a design that I would literally wear to any event. I just love the bold black lines paired with the glitter lines.

This nail design uses lavender, orange, black, and golden glitter. The lavender is used on the thumb and little fingernails. The ring finger nail also uses lavender as the base color, and a single line of glitter is added down the nail. The index and middle fingernails use lavender as the base color. Then the bold abstract lines are painted over using black gel. Orange and golden glitter detail is also added to the nails.

I never thought that orange and purple could look good together, but after seeing this gorgeous and unique design, I love the color combination. It is a nail set that is classy and sophisticated. And I would love to wear it at both formal and informal events. 

All Shades of Lavender Nail Design

I know firsthand how hard it is to choose a nail color. But it is much harder to choose a shade once you finally choose a color. Well, how do you solve that dilemma? You wear all shades of the color at once because you got five fingers for a reason! See, the dilemma is solved! Phew!

This nail design uses different shades of lavender on each nail. The darker shade of lavender is painted on the index and little fingernails. The lighter shade of lavender is then painted on the middle fingernail. And then the lightest shade of lavender, which looks more white, is painted on the thumb and ring fingernails.

I really like this design because of how minimalist it looks. Because of the color, the nails look elegant and sophisticated simultaneously. It is something you can wear daily and in your office, too. I remember the last time I contemplated a shade of green and decided to wear all shades of it. Many people complimented my nails and found them unique and interesting. There is nothing wrong with being different when it comes to your nails. That is what makes you you. 

Lavender Butterfly Nail Designs

I actually know a lot of people who would literally love this design simply because they love butterflies. The design is adorable and aesthetically pleasing. It can also easily fit in the “kawaii” kind of cute while being chic and classy.

This nail design uses lavender gel and some butterfly sequins. The lavender gel is used on all fingernails, and the butterfly sequins are added to the middle and ring fingernails. The butterflies look as if they are fluttering inside the nails, trapped inside, which gives it a magical look. 

This is a cute nail design that I would literally love to wear! I love butterflies and the lavender color. Just by looking at the nails, I feel relaxed and less stressed. Maybe I should wear this set to the office. I would just opt for a shorter length. It is also the perfect set to get as your birthday nails. 

Lavender French Manicure Nail Design

Image from Pinterest

French manicure nail designs are one of the most versatile styles because you can add more designs or decorations. This nail design uses the colors nude and lavender. The nude is used as the base color of all fingernails, and lavender is used to paint the tips of the french manicure.

The design is so elegant and sophisticated as you can easily pair this with any outfit of the day you choose to wear. It is also a design you can easily wear to any formal or informal events. You can even wear it when you go clubbing with your friends. One of the reasons why I personally love this design is because of its versatility and sophisticated look. A nail set that I can wear to different occasions and still look cute and fashionable gets a big yes from me!

Springtime Lavender Nail Design

If you are looking for the perfect nail set for spring or summer that will liven up any room you walk in, you just found it! The design is quite refreshing and relaxing to look at, and I’m obsessed with the color combination. 

This nail design uses blue, pink, purple, white, and lavender colors. The thumb, index, and little fingernails are done in a gorgeous glossy lavender. The middle and ring fingers have a light pink as their base color with hints of blue and light purple detail. And let’s not forget the awe-worthy white stamping detail: that just brings the summer and spring vibes. 

I’m definitely getting this nail set as my summer vacation nails. I know they will look cute with my white and lavender bikini. #Excited.

Lavender Toe Nail Design

Image from Pinterest

Hey! Who said it’s only your fingernails that need to be pampered? Your piggies need some pampering too! And this toe nail design is perfect because it will match all the lavender nail designs mentioned above. 

It’s also easy to create as you just need your lavender gel color and some glitter sequins. Add a glossy top coat to achieve this stunning set. Don’t forget about your toes, ladies; they play an important role in your appearance. I would love to wear this design and color on my toes as I think it will look perfect with my white and silver sandals. This toe nail design with a silver toe ring and some silver heels or sandals will be to die for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Meaning of the Color Lavender?

Answer: Lavender has many meanings. But the color mainly means purity, devotion, grace, and calmness. Lavender is also a shade of purple, and purple is the color of royalty and means elegance and luxury.

Question: What Color Combination Goes well with Lavender?

Answer: Any neutral color would really suit the color lavender. Examples are off-white, white, or grey. Pink, in my opinion, also goes very well with lavender. What I love about lavender is that it can liven up any color paired with it and make it appear elegant and luxurious. 

Question: Are Lilac and Lavender the Same?

Answer: So many people get confused between these two colors. I’m one of those people, but I’ve got a way to remember which color is which. So let me explain: lavender is a light purple with a blue tinge, while lilac is a light purple with a pink tinge. I remember it by thinking of the lavender flowers, which are a blueish purple. 


Lavender is such a pretty color, and it can look luxurious and elegant on its own. I love getting my nails done in this color as it always makes me feel sophisticated and girly at the same time.

I have a few favorite lavender nail ideas, but I will share with you my top three. My favorite lavender nail idea is Cute Lavender Floral French Nail Design. I love this nail set as it is cute and minimalistic, and the length is perfect! I can easily wear this set to the office daily without worrying about the nails getting in my way or not matching my outfit. 

My second favorite lavender nail idea is Lavender Daisy Nail Design because I just love how cute, girly, and aesthetically pleasing this nail set is. It also reminds me of the wallpaper I had in my room growing up. It was this beautiful lavender wallpaper with little white daisies on it that went perfectly with my purple and white bedding — #nostalgia.

My third favorite lavender nail idea is the All Shades of Lavender Nail Design. Sometimes I can’t decide on the shade of lavender I want on my nails. This nail set makes it easy because I don’t have to decide; I just get all the shades on my nails. It also looks elegant and stylish. 

What was your favorite lavender nail idea mentioned in this article? Let me know in the comments below. Come on, girls! Go and treat yourself to some lovely lavender nails, and don’t forget your toes! Have fun, and let me know your experience with this gorgeous color! 

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