Glitter Ombre Nails Inspiration and Ideas

The first ombre nails that I ever attempted were glitter ombre nails. Ombre was new, I was excited, and it turned out to be the easiest way to get this fun nail design. If only there were a list of glitter ombre nails inspiration and ideas back when I tried it.

If this is the first time you are thinking about trying glitter ombre nails, you have come to the right place. Below you will find all of the glitter ombre nails inspiration that you will ever need. That includes ideas, how to do it, and frequently asked questions.

Glitter Ombre Nails Inspiration Up Front

  1. Fairy Dust Glitter Ombre
  2. Rainbow Glitter Ombre
  3. Natural Glitter Ombre
  4. One Color Glitter Ombre
  5. Two Colors Glitter Ombre
  6. Ombre with Glitter Overlay
  7. Inverted Glitter Ombre
  8. Designed Glitter Ombre
  9. Vertical Glitter Ombre
  10. Mix-N-Match Glitter Ombre

What Are Glitter Ombre Nails?

Ombre is a term nobody had even heard of until maybe ten years ago. In the grand scheme of nail designs, the ombre is a relatively new design. So you may be wondering what the heck it is? Ombre means two or more tones of color that fade into each other.

In terms of glitter, ombre means a tone of glitter that fades into a tone of color or another tone of glitter. Using glitter is the easiest way to do an ombre yourself at home, and this type of ombre is the best ombre to start with if you are starting to become interested in doing your nail designs.

Selection Criteria for Glitter Ombre Nails


Ombre is a relatively new trend that only came into existence ten years ago. Adding glitter to your ombre nails gives it that extra oomph that you may be looking for. It is easy to find trendy glitter ombre nails inspiration and ideas.

Can Be Done at Home

Even though ombre looks like an intricate design to achieve, it is pretty easy to do yourself. Glitter ombre nails are especially easy to do at home. Below you’ll see just how easy it is in the “How to do Glitter Ombre Nails” section.

Something for Everyone

Rather you want something subtle or wow everyone in the room, there is something for everyone on this list. Glitter ombre nails may seem like something that can not be subdued due to their unique sparkle, but they definitely can be if you wish.

From doing a glitter overlay on a natural ombre to doing multiple colors of glitter ombre, you are sure to find your perfect glitter ombre nails inspiration.

Glitter Ombre Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Fairy Dust Glitter Ombre

Fairy Dust Glitter Ombre

What I like to call fairy dust glitter is fine silver glitter that almost looks holographic. You can ombre this glitter into any base color, but nude is usually the go-to color. You can also decide how much of your nail you want to be glitter, rather the ombre starts halfway down your nail or is only at the tip.

This type of glitter is the easiest to blend into your base color. With it being a finer glitter, you can move it and layer it easily to help you blend it in. Fairy dust glitter is also more on the low-key side of glitter ombre, especially if you pair it with a nude color.

Natural Glitter Ombre

Natural Glitter Ombre

For a super natural-looking glitter ombre, try this spin on the technique. This glitter ombre style gives you a beautiful natural look with a bit more glitz. It’s the modern spin on a french tip with glitter with a nude nail fading into a white, sparkly tip instead of a definite line between the nude color and white, sparkly tip.

For this look, you will want to first ombre your nail how you would with regular polish. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can see how in “Ombre Nails Inspiration and Ideas.” Once that is done and dry, go over the white tip with white glitters, such as Essie Let it Bow, Zoya Cosmo Magical Pixie Dust, or OPI Happy Anniversary.

One Color Glitter Ombre

One Color Glitter Ombre

Yes, glitter comes in a bunch of different colors also! You can choose to have your glitter ombre into a nude color to make your manicure last longer in between. You can also do your glitter ombre into the same color as your chosen glitter, as long as it is a flat color, or else they might bleed together too much.

If you choose to do your glitter ombre with the same color polish, this is the easiest ombre on this list. Since the two things only differ in texture and not in color, they naturally blend, and you don’t have to diffuse the line as much. Some fun glitter polishes to try are Sally Hansen Fanta-seas, ILNP Empire, Essie A Cut Above.

Two Colors Glitter Ombre

Two Colors Glitter Ombre

Try using two different colors to get wild with your glitter ombre nails. This could mean fading a flat color into a different color glitter, and it could also mean fading two different color glitters into each other. Either way, this look will stand out.

This is also a great look to do for holidays or to represent a sports team. You could do red glitter faded into blue glitter for the fourth of July or red glitter faded into green glitter for Christmas. You could also do blue glitter faded into orange glitter for the Denver Broncos or purple glitter into gold glitter for the L.A. Lakers.

Ombre with Glitter Overlay

Ombre with Glitter Overlay

Another glitter ombre design that can be as minimal or as wild as you wish is an ombre with a glitter overlay. The most minimal way to do this would be to do a natural ombre with nude and white with a fine glitter topcoat. One of the best ways to stand out would be to do a rainbow ombre with a confetti glitter overlay.

This is one of those great designs for everyone and relatively easy to do depending on the ombre you decide to go with.

Since you are putting glitter over your whole ombre, it blends out the design a little bit, so you don’t have to have a perfect ombre in the first place. You usually want to go with a finer glitter, like ILNP My Private Rainbow, so you can still see the ombre underneath.

Rainbow Glitter Ombre

Rainbow Glitter Ombre

Rainbow glitter is any glitter with multiple colors of glitter inside it. This type of glitter is usually a chunkier glitter and may need more precise placement when you do an ombre with it. Rainbow glitter is chunky because if it were finer, the colors would blend and create a weird, muddy mixture of too many colors.

This type of glitter ombre pairs well with a nude or one of the colors inside of the glitter polish. There are many different shades of rainbow glitter that you can get, including full-spectrum, pastels, or analogous colors. Cirque Lullaby, Orly Turn it Up, and OPI Confetti Ready are some great rainbow glitter polish options.

Inverted Glitter Ombre

Inverted Glitter Ombre

Typically, glitter ombre is done from the tip of the nail fading down toward the base. With inverted glitter ombre nails, the glitter starts at the bottom of the nail and fades upward. You can make it so there is just a sliver of glitter ombre around the cuticle or have your glitter ombre come halfway up the nail.

Like a one-color glitter ombre, you can choose to have your ombre fade into a nude, white, black, or the same color as your glitter. You want to make sure that it is a flat color, or else it may blend in with your glitter too much, making the ombre unnoticeable.

Designed Glitter Ombre

Designed Glitter Ombre

A designed glitter ombre is any glitter ombre you decide to do with a design over the top of it. You could put little stars in with your glitter, snowflakes, floral, butterflies, or any other small design that doesn’t take up your whole nail. The easiest way to make designs is with nail stickers or nail stamps.

The only glitter ombre I would not recommend trying with a design is two different glitter colors ombre. That could become too busy and make your design lost in the glitter. Unless you are fading together two very similar glitter colors, in which case, you could go over it with a design in a contrasting color.

Vertical Glitter Ombre

Vertical Glitter Ombre

If you can get ombre glitter horizontally on your nail, why couldn’t you also do it vertically? Vertical glitter ombre is great to ombre colors or glitter into the next nail. This way, you can do a whole hand gradation or divide your fingernails in half with flat paint and glitter.

You can do this trend with any color glitter and any color polish. Make your glitter and flat polish the same color or do a nude with fairy dust glitter. You could also do two contrasting colors of polish and glitter, like purple and gold or pastel glitter and black.

Mix-N-Match Glitter Ombre

Mix-N-Match Glitter Ombre

You don’t have to have every nail match. You can change the colors of glitter from nail to nail or change the ombre type from nail to nail. You could also make some nails ombre and others full glitter or flat color.

One of my favorites is doing a spectrum of rainbow glitter colors from nail to nail, as shown in the picture below. I also like switching one or two nails from a standard ombre to an inverted ombre. One stands out more, and you can do the other with more subtle colors.

How to Do Glitter Ombre Nails

What You Need

  1. Glitter polish
  2. Chosen base color polish
  3. Toothpick
  4. Makeup sponge
  5. Topcoat

The easiest way to do glitter ombre nails is with a flat base color and a glitter polish with a clear base. In this case, you start by painting your entire nail with the flat bottom color. Then paint your glitter down your nail to where you want the ombre to end. Make sure the line between the glitter and color is not straight.

Paint on layers of glitter, with each layer being slightly closer to where you want your ombre to come from. Keep painting layers at different levels until the source of the ombre is entirely opaque with glitter. Take your toothpick and move around any glitter that may need to be faded more. Finish with a topcoat.

If you plan to do any glitter ombre nails that require a normal ombre first, you will need a makeup sponge. To see how you can achieve those looks, please read “Ombre Nails Inspiration and Ideas.” Then proceed with going over your ombre with glitter.


Question: What does Ombre in Nails Mean?

Answer: Ombre nails are when one color fades into another color. You can do this trend with two colors or multiple colors. The easiest way to achieve ombre nails is by using glitter for the ombre.

Question: Can you do Glitter Ombre with Gel Polish?

Answer: Yes, you can! If you know how to do gel nails and know how to do glitter ombre nails, you know how to do this. You can also use loose glitter with gel as the polish is tacky before finishing with a topcoat.

Question: Are Glitter Ombre Nails Hard to Do?

Answer: Glitter ombre nails are the easiest way to do ombre nails. Since most glitters have a clear base, you can paint the glitter in different levels of layers so that the base color shows through. The more layers you put on, the more opaque the glitter becomes, so layer it accordingly.

Question: Do Ombre Nails Last Longer?

Answer: Depending on how you do it, ombre nails can last longer than a regular manicure. This is in terms of visible grow out, not in terms of strength. If you ombre your glitter into a nide color, you will not be able to see the line between your manicure and natural nail as quickly.

Question: How Much do Glitter Ombre Nails Cost?

Answer: Glitter ombre nails done in the salon with regular polish can cost anywhere from $30-$40. If you decide to do this design with gel, expect to add $10. For glitter ombre nails on fake nails or acrylics, expect to pay anywhere from $45-$65 for a complete set.

Should You Try Glitter Ombre Nails

Glitter ombre nails are one of the easiest ways to try to do ombre yourself. If you are trying to start doing designs on yourself, you should give this design a try. It was the first method that I tried ombre with, and it grew into me dong more complex ombre methods later on.

Glitter ombre is the easiest way to do an ombre nail yourself, but there are also so many ways you can do it to conform to what style you like. You can make it more low-key or make it pop, and it all depends on what you want or what you think is appropriate for what you have coming up.

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