Dip Powder Nail Ideas: Dip Your Nails In Some Fun Colors This Season

Have you noticed that the fashion of the 1980s is trending in 2022? Many influencers and designers agreed that the 80s was the most iconic era. I’m bringing back the 80s with my favorite dip powder nail Ideas today.

Dip powder nails aren’t new and have been around for decades. You could ask your Mom or Grandma if they did their nails this way back in the day. Get ready to be surprised by their answers. 

If you are a nail art lover, you must know about all designs in the nail art world. I am extremely passionate about this and always think about nail designs.

I know every design with all its major and minor detailing, and dip powder nails are one of my favorites. Today, I bring some great dip powder nails that you, your mother, and your grandmother will love. So let’s get to it! 

Bottom Line Up

Dip powder nails involve dipping your nails into colored powder. You then use a clear sealant touch at the end. These nails are famous for their resistance to chipping.

I think this is music to all women’s ears. Not having to worry about your nails chipping is a dream come true. My favorite dip powder nail design is Pink and Blue Dip Powder Nails with Swirls. I love the combination of colors used in the design, as it reminds me of cotton candy. Anything with cotton candy I’m obsessed with. 

My Top Picks

  1. Tropical Dip Powder Nails with Glitter
  2. Nude Dip Powder Nails
  3. White Dip Powder Nails with Daisies Art
  4. Cherry Dip Powder Nails
  5. Light Blue Ombre Dip Powder Nails
  6. Strawberry Dip Powder Nails 
  7. Pink and Blue Dip Powder Nails with Swirls
  8. Multicolor Dip Powder Nails
  9. Purple Dip Powder Nails 
  10. Half Yellow-Half Blue Dip Powder Nails
  11. Deep Blue Dip Powder Nails with Heart Detail
  12. Black Dip Powder Nails with Stars
  13. Orange Dip Powder Nails with Glitters
  14. Maroon Dip Powder Nails

Selection Criteria

I chose the dip powder nail ideas mentioned in this article according to the following criteria:

  • Dip powder nails that give tropical vibes.
  • Dip powder nails that are perfect for the office. 
  • Dip powder nails that give me country vibes.
  • Dip powder nails that are subtle and minimalistic.
  • Dip powder nails that remind me of the beautiful sky. 
  • Dip powder nails that bring back childhood memories.
  • Dip powder nails that are suited for the more mature ladies. 
  • Dip powder nails that will spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Dip Powder Nail Ideas

Tropical Dip Powder Nails with Glitter

Last month, I was so bored with my usual nail designs, so I wanted to try something new. I decided to give dip powder nails a go because my friend suggested it. Wow! It was definitely a life-changing experience.

Who thought that doing your own nails could be so easy? This was the first dip powder nail design I tried out. 

What I liked about this nail set was that the design included everything I liked. I love glitter and nature, and I feel like this nail set combined these two things perfectly. The subtle green, nude, and glitter look great together.

The design is super easy to achieve. You just need your desired dip powder colors and nail art tools. The leaves detail on the middle finger might be difficult for some to create. You can always use a stencil or decals if you are not that great at nail art. 

I have a tropical-themed birthday party coming up in 2 weeks. I’m definitely going to create this nail set again. 

Nude Dip Powder Nails

Simple nude dip powder nails always get a yes from me. It might be boring to some, but it is one of my favorite nail designs. This nail set is literally a lifesaver! Why? Because it suits any occasion and matches any outfit. 

I love wearing this set to the office. It is the perfect shape and length, so it doesn’t disturb my daily activities. The color is also perfect because it goes with all my office wear. I also don’t have to worry about blinding someone with bright-colored nails. 

My favorite part about this nail set is that you can create it at home. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily create this set. Are you going to give this nude dip powder nail set a go? #Natural is the way to go. 

White Dip Powder Nails with Daisies Art

Another subtle but cute nail set. I love white dip powder nails! They always make me feel confident and sexy. The white flowery detail on the light green base makes me think of a field with daisies everywhere. It definitely gives me country vibes!

I would get this nail set as my everyday look. It is cute, stylish, and the perfect length. This is a nail set that women of all ages can wear.

Whether you are 17 or 70, you can rock this cute dip powder nail set. The nail look is also very easy to achieve. All you need is your desired dip powder colors and your dotting tool, and you are good to go. 

Cherry Dip Powder Nails

These dip powder nails are gorgeous! The color reminds me of a cherry lip balm I used to have. Don’t ask me where it is; my lip balms always decide to go MIA. This nail set is perfect if you want to get something minimalistic, but that is still cute. The color makes the nails appear stylish. 

The nail set is super easy to create, and you can have flawless nails in a few minutes. It is definitely a great choice for busy boss babes like myself.

Light Blue Ombre Dip Powder Nails

In my student days, I thought ombre nails couldn’t be achieved using dip powder. I know it’s embarrassing! A friend then suggested that I create an ombre dip powder nail set. I created this light blue ombre nail set and was thrilled with the results. 

The pink and light blue shades blend perfectly. I love the glitter that is added to the middle and ring fingernails. It adds some glamor to the set and will make you stand out. This ombre nail set reminds me of those days when the sky is mixed with pink and blue clouds. #So beautiful. 

The nail set also gives me Cinderella vibes. And no, I don’t mean the sad version of her with her stepmom and stepsisters. It gives me charming and magical vibes.

If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, go get this nail set. It’s time to live out your fairytale dreams. Who knows? Maybe prince charming is waiting just around the corner. 

Strawberry Dip Powder Nails 

Wow! What a nail design! So stunning and eye-catching. To be honest, the first time I saw this nail set, all I could think about was how badly I was craving strawberries. It also brought back childhood memories of watching Strawberry Shortcake.

All I can say is that these nails are my favorite so far, and I am sure you will love them. Ladies, no matter what your age, go get this nail set. 

I would love to get a matching set of these dip powder nails with my Mom. She loves the color red, and strawberries are her favorite fruit. The nail set would also somehow be symbolic to us because we always used to go on walks and pick daisies. 

Get this nail set with your Mom, sister, or close friend and form special memories together. I know I’m going to. I’m heading to my nail tech to achieve this set because my strawberries might turn out as tomatoes. Whoops!

Pink and Blue Dip Powder Nails with Swirls

Swirl nail designs are everywhere, and I love them. This nail set is cute, fun, and creative. It kind of gives me cotton candy vibes, don’t you agree? Maybe the light pink and blue make it appear this way. The design is so aesthetically pleasing that I can literally stare at it for hours. 

This is a nail set that I would love to wear to my gender reveal party one day. I think it will be so cute! The swirls might be challenging to create with the dip powder, so I suggest you visit your nail tech. These nails will also be ideal for a carnival day to match those cotton candy vibes. 

Multicolor Dip Powder Nails

What a cool nail idea! Colors have inherent properties that evoke peace, relaxation, and the essence of life. Last year, I decided to do something colorful with my nails. I decided on this dip powder nail design. These nails instantly put me in a cheerful mood.

It reminded me of my childhood days when my cousins and I would go Easter egg hunting. We would find easter eggs in the color of these nails. Those were the best times. Now that I’m too old to go easter egg hunting, I can add these dip powder colors to my nails and be Easter-ready. 

This nail design looks hard to achieve, but it is very easy. I’m definitely getting this nail set for Easter next year!

Purple Dip Powder Nails 

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination. And when he’s tall. He’s what we call a dinosaur sensation“. I know you just sang that part! These purple dip powder nails remind me of Barney. The sequence of hearts and glitter remind me of Barney’s magic bag.

It would always have fun things to make inside. The little white cloud detail on the ring finger just gives the nail set a more dreamy and magical look. 

This is a nail set that I would have loved back in the day. It isn’t a nail set that I would get now, as I think it looks a bit immature. If you want to get it, go for it. All you need to create this look is your purple dip powder, a thin nail art brush, and a dotting tool. Good luck!

Half Yellow-Half Blue Dip Powder Nails

I would have never pictured blue and yellow looking so good together. I love that the dip powder colors are soft and subtle.

But I must be honest that I’m not a fan of half-colored nails. I would have loved it if the nail design consisted of just plain yellow and blue nails. The nudish-purple color just looks a bit weird to me. What do you think? 

The good news is that if you like this nail set, you can create it in the comfort of your own home. Just get your desired dipping powders and put your creative face on. 

Deep Blue Dip Powder Nails with Heart Detail

Deep blue or dark blue is associated with “Wisdom, stability, expertise, and depth.” This Valentine’s day, I decided to create something unusual because everyone was playing with red. I was not that brave to use blue for everything from head to toe. But I was brave enough to try to break the norm and create this set. 

When my husband saw me, he first noticed my blue nails. “Blue nails on Valentine’s day?” he asked. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Creating this nail set is a great place to start. 

I just love the nude and deep blue combination! It is striking and beautiful. I’m creating a similar nail look for next year’s Valentine’s day.

Black Dip Powder Nails with Stars

Even if you use a telescope to find a more beautiful nail set than this, you will never find this set. #Exaggeration at its peak. But, the fact is that I love it more than anything. The best part is that you can wear this set from chill parties to more formal events. 

Last Saturday night, my friends planned to do a party in the club, and I wore a black outfit with this nail design. My boss called an urgent meeting on Monday, and I went with this set without hesitation. I love a nail set that can do both, don’t you?

This nail set isn’t difficult to create, but you might want to visit a nail tech to create the art flawlessly. 

Orange Dip Powder Nails with Glitters

Let me start off by saying I hate orange! Since I was a little girl, I have hated the color. My Mom would dress me in orange dresses with leggings for the Pumpkin Patch. I would do everything I could to get out of that outfit. But when I saw this nail set, those feelings of hatred went away instantly. 

This is the only orange dip powder nail set I will get because it is strikingly beautiful. It is also super easy to create at home, so I love it even more. This nail set would be perfect for a pumpkin patch or a fancy Halloween party. Guys, Halloween is 2 months away, so please save this nail set! 

Maroon Dip Powder Nails

This dip powder nail set is so classy and elegant. It is perfect for the more mature ladies who always want to look stylish.

I think the combination of maroon and nude looks stunning! The maroon French tip on the middle and ring finger nail just adds to the class and elegance of the look. I would create this set if I had an important meeting or interview the following day.

I know this set will make me appear confident, sophisticated, and professional. This nail set is easy to create on your own. So, boss babes, I challenge you today to go and try out this nail set. You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Dip Powder Good for Your Nails?

Answer: I would say yes and no. Applying the dip powder to your nails is not the problem; the removal of it is. You need to use 100% acetone to remove the dip powder. The acetone does not only remove the dip powder but layers of your nails too. This can cause your nails to become very thin.

Question: What is Better, Dip or Gel Nails?

Answer: I would say dip nails are better than gel. It is stronger and lasts longer than gel does.

Question: Can you do Dip on Short Nails?

Answer: Yes, you can! It will not only protect your nails, but it will keep them from breaking. This is a great way to make your nails stronger.

Question: How Often Should you Take a Break From Dip Nails?

Answer: I would say you should take a break from dip nails every three to four months. It is healthier for your nails and will allow your nails to breathe.

Question: How Long do Dip Powder Nails Last?

Answer: Dip powder nails last longer than gel or acrylic nails because it bonds to your nail. Dip powder nails can last anywhere from three to six weeks if it is well taken care of. 


We have reached the end of the dip powder nail ideas. Dip powder nails are a blessing in disguise. I wish I had known about them sooner, as they would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. 

What was your favorite dip powder nail idea mentioned in this article? Mine is definitely the Pink and blue Dip Powder Nails with Swirls. Pink and blue are my favorite colors. I love these shades of pink and blue because it reminds me of cotton candy. 

Try something new with your nails. Dip powder nails are an easy way to get flawless nails. So what are you waiting for? Start your dip powder nail journey today!

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