White Nails With Design Ideas: Nails That Are Simple and Chic

With all the chaos in the world, there are times when we yearn for simplicity. When we think of the color white, we think of simple things and simple beauty. White is my personal favorite when it comes to nail colors just because of how minimalistic it is. When I decide to do my nails, I always go with white. As I know that it will go with anything I wear and is suitable for any occasion. 

I also love creating white nails with designs. As it looks bright, beautiful, and effortless. The list of white nails with design ideas includes some of my most recommended nail designs. That will help you choose your next fire nail design. 

Bottom Line Upfront 

Are you looking for nail ideas that will suit most of your outfits? And nails that can be worn to any occasion, whether formal or informal? Well, girl, my list of white nails with designs will be perfect for you! My favorite white nail design is the white marble design. And the white and gold french tip nail design. Because I’m all about nails that are minimalistic but look classy and luxurious. Let us have a look at my other picks. 

My Top Picks

  1. Rainbow Drip Acrylic White Nail Design
  2. White and Glitter Butterfly Nail Design
  3. Spring Daisy White Nail Design
  4. Purple and White Floral Nail Design 
  5. Yin and Yang Nail Design 
  6. White and Pink Cow Print Nail Design
  7. White Marble Nail Design
  8. White and Gold French Tip Nail Design
  9. Black and White Animal Print Nail Design
  10. White Bridal Nail Design
  11. White with Black Tribal Nail Design
  12. Rose Nail Design
  13. Black and White Line Art Nail Design
  14. White Floral Nail Design
  15. LGBTQ-inspired White Nail 

Selection Criteria

I chose the white nails with designs mentioned in this article according to the following criteria:

  • White nails that I can wear to any occasion
  • White nails with minimalistic designs
  • White nails with artsy and unique designs
  • White nails that will go with fancy or casual outfits
  • White nails that you can easily achieve by yourself
  • White nails that you will need to visit a nail salon for
  • White nails that will bring you positive vibes

White Nails with Design Ideas

Rainbow Drip Acrylic White Nail Design

Source: hottipsbeauty Instagram

This white nail design is unique and gorgeous at the same time. The rainbow-like colors at the top of the nails look like they have dripped down the nail. And I find it very aesthetically pleasing. 

The white base makes the rainbow colors stand out even more. This is perfect for those who like long nails and want to be artistic at the same time.

I would truly love to wear these nails, but with my work and hobbies, I just can’t. It is too long for me, and I’m not used to typing on the laptop or sketching with long nails. But if given a chance, I would like to get this nail set as my birthday nails. Because rainbow colors always give a positive vibe, and that’s just what I need on my birthday.

But I will definitely opt for the design on a shorter nail. Because the length of this nail is just way too long. If you are great at creating drip nail designs, this nail look will be easy for you to achieve at home.

White and Glitter Butterfly Nail Design

This design is perfect if you want something minimalistic but with a little twist. The design comprises a white base coat with some glitter butterfly sequences. This nail design is ideal for those attending a wedding or important formal event. It is classy and elegant and is also perfect for daily wear.

And what I love even more is that I can easily create this look at home. I could see myself wearing this at my friend’s wedding. Or my grandmother’s birthday since she loves butterflies so much. All I need is a white base color and some glittery butterfly sequences. 

Spring Daisy White Nail Design

This design is ideal for spring or summer. It comprises a white base coat and a bunch of bright-colored gels to form the flowers. The colorful flowers painted on the nails are very refreshing to the eyes.

If you have been thinking of going to a picnic, this would be perfect for that kind of event. I would honestly pair this beautiful nail set with some of my summer dresses as I think it will make the cutest look. But I also think this would be perfect for summer when going to the beach. I can imagine surfing the waves with this beautiful floral nail set design. For some reason, the little colorful flowery details remind me of the flowers in SpongeBob that we always see in the background. 

The nail look is easy to achieve. All you need is your white base color, your desired colors for the flowers, a dotting tool, and a thin nail art brush. It is as easy as that.

Purple and White Floral Nail Design

Another classy and elegant nail design. That is perfect for formal events like weddings or corporate dinners or events.

The design is composed of white and purple base colors. The pinky and ring fingers are painted with purple as the base color. And the ring finger has a gorgeous Calla Lily flower design on it. The index and middle finger nails are in a white base color. 

I love this nail design as the Calla Lily flower is one of my favorite flowers. And I just love the combination of purple and white. I would wear this to a formal event like a wedding or even in the office. Because the design fits perfectly with short nails. And it doesn’t look too overwhelming but rather subtle and minimalistic. 

Because of the flower detail on the ring finger, I would rather head to my nail tech to achieve this look. As I know that the flower will come out as a big white dot when I attempt the design. 

Yin and Yang Nail Design

The yin and yang design’s meaning is quite deep, and it is also a design that is pretty trendy. Instead of a black and white yin and yang, they opted for a nude and white color. In this design, the yin and yang design is drawn on the ring finger.

The nude color made the entire design look sophisticated. It is minimalistic and is a nail set you can wear daily. I like this design because it can also be applied to short nails. It is stylish and something I can wear on important events or occasions. And what I love most about this nail set is that it gives me freedom with my outfits. As the white and neutral colors will practically go with everything. 

Again this look is very easy to achieve at home. You just need your nude and white base colors and a dotting tool to create this look.

White and Pink Cow Print Nail Design

This design is cute and girly. It comprises white and nude base colors with pink cow print details. And some sparkly studs are added to add some charm to the design.

I love this nail design because it has cow print details in pink and sparkling rhinestones. 2 of my favorite things to add to my nails. I also love that the design is done on short nails. It is perfect for office babes who spend hours behind our computers typing away. I will be heading to my nail tech to achieve this design to ensure that the cow print and the french tip come out perfectly. 

White Marble Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

Marble designs have been taking the world by storm for a while now. It is incorporated in house interiors, jewelry, and even nail designs. This design is minimalist and very sophisticated. I have seen many celebrities wearing this design as it makes you look elegant and put together. The design could also be easily paired with any of your outfits. And is perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal. 

The nail look is made up of a white base color with some black gel detailing that forms the marble effect. And some gold line nail art stickers. It is very easy to achieve at home. Make sure you have a fine nail art brush and gold line art stickers. This is definitely a nail set that I would love to wear every day as it will make me look classy and professional. I will just opt for a shorter length. 

White and Gold French Tip Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

What is a nail ideas article without a french manicure? Boring right? If you ever want to look luxurious and minimalist at the same time, this design is perfect for you. There is nothing that can beat this color combination, white and gold. The color combination itself is luxurious. The design is made of white base colors with a glittery gold french tip and some added shiny rhinestones. 

The design is minimalist, and you can easily pair it with any outfit of your choosing. I love this nail look as it is perfect for wearing to the office. Because it will make me look elegant and classy while typing those documents away. And it will still be suited if I go to a fancy restaurant afterward with my husband. I am a big fan of nails that can be worn for any occasion.

It makes things so much easier as you always look stylish and ready for anything life throws at you. The best part is that you can achieve this luxurious nail set in the comfort of your home. All you need is some white and gold gel and a thin nail art brush. And don’t forget the rhinestones!

Black and White Animal Print Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

I have always loved animal prints. I like it on my clothes, rugs, bags, and of course, my favorite, on my nails. Especially jaguar-like prints, like this design. The design has white as its base color, with some animal prints added to the ring and little fingernails. I love how this design is minimal but, at the same time, stylish and sexy.

Sometimes, we associate animal prints with a party-like vibe. But this design looks elegant, classy, and sophisticated. I would wear this at a wedding, a birthday party, or even at corporate events. This nail look is also easy to achieve as you can create the animal print using a black gel and a stencil. You can also draw them on if you are in a creative mood. But I will stick to the stencil, thank you.

White Bridal Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This design is perfect for those who are going to get married. The design is elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for that wedding dress you tirelessly chose for your wonderful wedding day! All the fingernails, except the ring finger, are painted in a white base color. The ring fingernail is then painted with patterns using a white gel. And then coating it with a matte top coat to finish the design.

I’m already happily married, but who said I can’t still opt for this design? It is unique and pretty, and I would love to wear it for special occasions or important events. I will also love to create this nail look myself. As I can just have fun with the patterns on the ring finger as it does not have to be perfect. 

White with Black Tribal Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

If you still want to go for white nails but want to do something unique, this nail design is perfect. The design is pretty and detailed. It is also perfect to be a bridal nail design because of its elegance. The design is mainly made of white as the base color. The middle and index fingernails are then decorated with black tribal patterns. The white base color really makes the designs stand out.

As much as you can wear this at weddings, you can also wear this daily, especially if you work at a corporate job. It is classy, elegant, and subtle. And it is perfect for people like me who want pretty nails. But want something short because of all the typing and work I do. The nail look is easy to achieve at home. All you need is your white base color with a thin nail art brush and some black gel to create those fine black detail. 

White Nail with Rose Design

Source: Pinterest

This design is beautiful, simple, and chic. It has white as its base color. And a beautiful rose is painted on the ring fingernail to complete the overall design. This is something you can wear to a wedding or to any formal event. It is also something I would recommend for students. Those who will be attending proms or any formal school event. As you can keep your nails more on the minimal side and go all out on your dress, makeup, and hair. 

Personally, I won’t opt for this design as I’m not really a fan of roses on my nails. I just feel that the rose design is a bit too big, and I like nail art details that are fine and delicate. Still, I can appreciate that it is a beautiful design. 

Black and White Line Art Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This minimalistic and creative design is something you can easily wear daily. The design is abstract and artistic. And despite the simplicity of the design, it actually pairs with any outfit you will choose to wear. It has white as the base color, and some black lines are painted over them. The design is simple and elegant. That is why you can wear it daily at work or at any event.

I actually wore this design last week to the office. It was subtle but classy. And it really paired great with my uniform. All you need to achieve this look is your white base color. And some black gel with your thin nail art brushes to create the black line detailing. 

White Floral Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This design is a spring-themed nail design. A design you can wear to any outdoor picnic or when you want to wear those gorgeous cottage core dresses.

The design has a white as the base color, with some beautiful red flowery details. But you will need to visit a nail tech to achieve this beautiful design, which is quite detailed. I would actually wear this on garden tea parties or picnics because the nails would truly suit the theme. White dresses or jeans with a floral crop top will look gorgeous with this nail look. 

LGBTQ-inspired White Nail

Source: Pinterest

This design is inspired by the LGBTQ colors and symbols, making it very meaningful. The design has white as the base color. And some LGBTQ-inspired nail stickers are then applied to the nails. The nail stickers are bright and colorful and really put you in a happy and cheerful mood. 

The design is versatile as it can easily be applied to long and short nails. As an ally, I’d wear this on pride month to celebrate my LGBTQ friends. The design is so cute that I will wear it every day just to show that I support the LGBTQ community. Ladies, it doesn’t mean you can’t get this cute nail look because June is almost over. This nail look is easy to achieve as you can just need your white base color and some LGBTQ colorful stickers. Get it today! And celebrate pride every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do White Nails Mean?

Answer: If you have been active on TikTok lately. You would have seen girls get their nails done in white to showcase that they are single. It can also mean that you are ready to move on and start over. 

Question: Why are White Nails so Trendy?

Answer: The color itself is very versatile. It is a classic go-to color because it matches everything! White nails will always be in style. Because they are elegant, classy, and sophisticated.

Question: Do White Nails Look Good on Everyone?

Answer: Absolutely! White nails look great on anybody who wears it. It complements your outfits and always makes you appear stylish, sophisticated, and professional. 


White nails have always been a timely classic for women. The color is also neutral; that is why it can be easily paired with any colors, whether dark or light. White nails are the most perfect color for women who work. Because of how versatile it is, you can wear them to any occasion, whether a formal or informal event. You can also wear this color daily to your office, church gatherings, or any corporate affair.

The white nail designs that I highly recommend are the white marble design. And the white and gold french tip designs. They are recommended with a lot of factors kept in mind. Are they designs you can wear to parties? Absolutely. Can I also wear them daily? Of course. Can I wear them on important occasions? Yes, you can!

The white marble design is simple, yet it looks elegant and sophisticated. This is probably the next design I would try the next time I book an appointment with my nail technician. The white and gold french manicure nail design is luxurious and very classy. Something I would wear when going out to parties or weddings. 

I truly hope this white nail list has helped you decide on a design. So you can finally book that long-awaited appointment with your trusted nail technician. Or take time for yourself and do your own nails and get that well-deserved self-care. What are you waiting for, girls? Don’t let your nails wait!

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