14 White and Gold Nails Inspiration and Ideas That Anyone Can Pull Off

I am about as pale as they come, so I usually stay away from white and yellow/orange colors, but I’ve been seeing a lot of white and gold nails inspiration and ideas lately, so I figured I would try it out. I went with white marble with gold flakes, and I loved them! The look is so luxurious and clean that the colors didn’t matter as much as they usually do, and I felt like a million bucks.

If done in a design you love, anyone can wear white and gold nails without the colors clashing with your skin tone or looking too sophisticated and boring. There are also many easy designs that you can do yourself with white and gold, whether freehand painting stars or using nail stickers to add gold lines. On top of that, gold is a super trendy metallic color right now.

My Favorite White and Gold Nails Up Front

I love white marble nails with speckles of gold going throughout it. The look immediately pops into my head when someone says white and gold nails. The look is classy and elegant, but still, a unique, fun design, so you can wear it anywhere, and anyone can pull it off. Marble nails can also be very easy to DIY with nail stamps, or you can customize them by free-hand painting the design.

My Top 5 White and Gold Nails Ideas

  1. White and Gold Marble
  2. Gold Lined White Tips
  3. White and Gold Wavy Lines
  4. White Nails with Gold lines
  5. White Nails with Gold Stars

Selection Criteria for White and Gold Nails


White and gold nails are universal because there are so many ways to wear the two colors together. There are some current trends that I love, such as marble nails, that white and gold work exceptionally well with. There are also some other recent trends that I like to use white and gold colors with, including ombre, daisies, and wavy lines.

Can Be Done By Anyone

Gold is a popular metallic color at the moment, so there are a lot of gold nail art tools you can use to do them yourself right now, like gold nail stickers, metallic gold polish, and gold jewels. You don’t need mad skills to create any of these designs listed below, and you can easily DIY them.

Anyone Can Wear Them

White and gold can make a very luxurious, high-end look or a bright, fun look. It all depends on what style and design you go for. If you are someone who wants to look put together and classy, go with a marble look or a gold-lined french tip. Try gold and white daisies or white nails with gold jewels if you want your nails to stand out and be unique.

White and Gold Nails Inspiration and Ideas

White Nails with Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is gold hammered down into a thin, flexible sheet. Today, the gold leaf used in manicures is not real gold, although you could put real gold leafing on your nails. It is usually made of gold-colored foil that can be ripped into small pieces or used to cover an entire nail. You can place your gold leaf into a specific design, or I like to sporadically scatter it over my nails.

The easiest way to achieve a gold leaf look is to use a gold leaf polish, like Cirque Sun-Kissed, and paint it on as usual. If you want larger chunks of gold leafing, you will have to place the gold foil manually. You can buy already shredded gold leafing or purchase sheets of gold leaf and break it apart yourself. To apply the gold leaf, Paint on a couple of coats of white polish, place the foil, and finish with a topcoat.

White and Gold Ombre

Ombre may look like a complex technique, but it is much easier with gold glitter. You can fade the gold glitter into a white base from the top of the nail, the bottom, or vertically from nail to nail. You can also choose if you want to use chunky gold glitter or fine gold glitter, but I like to use chunky gold glitter because it is easier to ombre.

To ombre your white nails with gold glitter, start by painting the entire nail white until it is opaque. Once that is dry, paint on the gold glitter, starting from where you want the glitter to originate and ending where you want it to fade.

Add layers of glitter, painting it down less of the nail until the gold is opaque and gradually fades into the white. You can move the glitter around with a toothpick if it is not fading correctly.

White and Gold Floral Nails

I like to do white and gold floral nails in so many different ways. You can do a gold nail with a floral design in white or vice versa. You can also do the daisy trend with white petals and a gold center. Metallic gold is the best gold to do with floral nails because the design doesn’t get lost in the texture of the glitter.

You can paint on your own floral or daisies with a dotting tool and line brush. Start by putting a gold dot in the center of where you want your flower and paint white lines out and around the gold dot to create petals. If you do not wish to free-hand paint your floral, you can use nail stamps in floral designs.

White and Gold Marble

When marble nails first started appearing, they were white, grey, and gold. I love this look for special events because it embodies clean elegance and luxury. You can do a statement nail with white and gold marble, ombre marble into your natural nail, or a whole hand of white and gold marble.

The easiest way to create white and gold marble nails is to use a marble nail stamp, paint the base white, and then stamp on gold marbling. You can also do a custom marble design with water marbling or the paint-on method with whatever colors you want to mix with white, such as grey, clear, or nude. Then go back over the marbling with a line brush dipped in gold glitter.

Gold Lined White Tips

There are many fun ways to do a gold-lined white tip, so it may be challenging to fit it all here. You can do a standard french tip, a corner tip, or a triangular tip and add gold leafing or golf polish where the white line meets the nude nail. The best part about this design is if you can’t seem to get a straight line for your white tips, you can cover it with gold leafing or metallic gold polish.

If you are looking for a gold line to outline your french tip, the easiest way to do this yourself is to use gold line nail stickers, but you can also use metallic gold nail polish and a line brush to create a nice line.

The trick to making a straight line is to move quickly, wisping the brush across your nail. With gold leafing, you need to rip the material into small pieces and place them across the white line wherever looks best to you.

White and Gold Wavy Lines

This look recently started coming back in style and is a design from the 60s and is an excellent design if you want to have a minimal look. You can do an entire nail of wavy lines, alternating in white and gold colors, or add only a few lines of white and gold. I like to mix-n-match this look with other designs or go minimalistic with a natural nail and a few wavy lines on top.

The nice thing about wavy line nails art is that it does not need to be perfect because wavy lines are imperfect by definition. It is best to use metallic gold polish to create the gold lines because gold glitter is not opaque enough to make a thin line visible. You can also use wavy line nail stickers or nail stamps for an easy, quick way to create this design.

White and Gold Butterflies

Butterflies all over everything is a 90s trend that is coming back in style, and I am here for it. There are many fun ways to do butterflies with white and gold, such as gold sequin butterflies over white nails, white butterflies over a gold glitter nail, or a vast butterfly spanning two nails. My favorite is to do gold sequin butterflies all over the tip and trickle them into a white nail.

This fun spring and summer look can be an intricate, customizable process to create or as easy as sticking a few nail art accessories on your nails. Start your design by painting the entire nail either white or gold to DIY this look. You can use gold glitter or metallic gold for this look. Then paint your butterfly design on top once that has dried, or try butterfly nail sequins, nail stickers, or nail stamps.

White Nails with Gold Jewels

A fun way to turn your nails into an accessory is to put golden jewels on them. Gold jewels with a white base on your nails scream luxury, so you can wear them to a special event if your want your nails to stand out but not look immature. These nails will also be fun if you are a bride for your bachelorette party to add extra bling to your hands on top of the engagement ring.

Before placing your jewels, you will want to paint your entire nail white, or you could do a french tip. After that dries, add a thick layer of topcoat and place your jewels before that dries. You can get gold jewels in any shape, including diamonds, stars, and cute charms with rhinestones. When you place your jewels where you like them, finish with a top coat to ensure the jewels stay.

White Nails with Gold lines

I love this look with white and gold because it makes a simple line turn into something that looks elegant. The best way to do this look, in my opinion, is to start with a white base and add gold lines to the white nail. You can make it look minimalistic with one or two gold lines going across the nail or a whole nail of gold lines that create different shapes.

A metallic gold polish, like Good as Gold by Essie, works best for line designs because gold glitter isn’t opaque enough to make a thin, visible line. I find that the best way to create straight lines on your nails is to use a long line brush and quickly wisp the line across the nail. The faster you go, the easier it is to create a straight line but don’t go too fast, or else the polish may fade off at the end of the line.

White and Metallic Gold Nails

A simple all-over-one-color nail that switches from metallic gold to white is the easiest way to get the elegant look of white and gold nails. This is my go-to if I want to do something quick and easy but still want something unique and sophisticated.

Instead of switching from white to gold in every other nail, try making your middle and ring finger gold with the rest white or only your ring finger gold.

There are a couple of different ways to get a metallic gold nail: metallic gold polish or using gold leaf sheets. The difference is that polish looks more like shimmery gold, whereas gold leaf looks like actual gold because it has texture. Polish is easier to apply than gold leaf, but neither is particularly difficult to do.

White Nails with Gold Stars

I love the idea of a starry night with a typical dark background, but I know not everyone feels the same. If you love the idea of a starry night on your nails but not the concept of dark nails, try stars with a white background. You could even add a moon to the mix to drive home the starry night look.

For a simple, free-hand painted star, use a line brush with metallic gold polish to create a cross on your nail. Then paint a smaller X through the center of that cross.  You could then add a gold glitter polish over your painted-on stars to make it look like there are smaller background stars. Try nail stickers or nail stamps if you want more of a standard five-pointed star or to add a moon.

White and Gold Snowflakes

Another thing that white and gold represent well is winter snow. I do not think that winter always means you have to switch everything to darker colors, and honestly, that makes winter even more depressing. Snow is one of the most magical things, so why not match it with snowflakes that glisten on your nails.

For this look, I like to use a glitter gold polish, but you can also use a metallic gold polish on the base of your nail. Once that has dried, paint on your snowflakes by making a white cross and then an X through its center. You can then go in with a dotting tool and put white dots down the crisscross line you just made to create your snowflake branches. You can also use snowflake nail stickers or nail stamps.

White Nails with Gold Tips

White nails with gold tips are a classic look with a modern spin, and it looks like you took clean white nails and dipped them into gold. This is not my favorite look because, from a nail technician’s perspective, white nail beds mean unhealthy nails. However, most people do not know that or care, so it can create a fun spin on the standard french manicure that I can see is intriguing.

There are many different ways to do white nails with gold tips. You first need to choose whether to do gold glitter or metallic gold on the ends. Then you can decide what shape you want your tip to be in, whether it is only one corner is tipped, a triangular-shaped tip, or the standard arched tip. You can also use nail tape to create perfect arches or straight lines with your gold polish.


As long as you keep to the same color scheme (white and gold), you can almost mix-n-match any design you want. Try gold and white ombre with gold sequin butterflies, white and gold marble with gold lines, or wavy lines with white and gold floral. You can even use more than two designs from nail to nail if you like more than two of these designs.


Question: Are White and Gold Nails Trendy Colors?

Answer: With white being a neutral color, it rarely goes out of style. However, with gold, this color comes and goes with what metal is in fashion in jewelry. Gold jewelry is everywhere now, and I don’t even know the last time I saw a piece of silver jewelry on someone. That means gold is very trendy today.

Question: Do White and Gold Nails Look Good With my Skin Tone?

Answer: White is a neutral color, meaning it can go with any skin tone. On top of that, gold is an expensive medal, so I’m going to say anyone can pull that off unless you don’t like to look expensive. This color combination will look different on different skin shades, though. For example, white and gold will pop more on darker skin shades, whereas it will blend in more on lighter skin shades.

Question: What is the Most Classy Nail Polish Color?

Answer: In my opinion, white is the classiest nail color you can get. White nails represent elegance due to it being a difficult color to maintain because it stains easily and is very noticeable when it chips. If you can maintain white nails, you take outstanding care of your nails, which is classy.

Question: How do I Keep my White Nails from Turning Yellow?

Answer: The best way to keep your nails from yellowing over time is to apply a UV-protecting topcoat weekly, like OPI topcoat. This protects your nails from environmental factors that naturally turn whites yellow. It would be best to use gloves when doing work that could stain your nails, such as washing dishes or gardening.

Question: Can You Wear White and Gold Nails Year-Round?

Answer: White a gold are versatile colors that can go worn year-round. During the summer, they look bright and airy, and in the winter, they look like glowing snow and are crisp. It all depends on how you design the white and gold on your nails for which season you should wear them.

Should You Try White and Gold Nails?

White and gold nails look good on anyone and can be done in many unique ways that still look luxurious and classy. I haven’t come across a single person who could not pull off white and gold nails. I have done a few of these and loved them, like white marble with gold leaf and white nails with gold lines.

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