Cow Print Nails Inspiration and Ideas

I am going to be honest, I have an unhealthy obsession with animal prints, and this doesn’t stop when it comes to nails. Cow print nails areĀ theĀ animal print of the nail world right now, and I am constantly seeing really cool and interesting takes on the trend.

Get cowboy hats and fringe jackets out, it’s time to embrace the Out West vibes this summer! Check out my favorite cow print nails inspiration and ideas that are trending right now.

When picking the cow print nails to include on this list, I made sure that they were in a range of colors and styles. You may think that you can’t do much with the cow print, but you definitely can! There are so many different ways to style this trend.

I also wanted to include a range of designs that you can do at home. Cow print is a great starting point if you are new to nail art!

All the cow print nails are done by reputable nail artists to the best standards.


Simple and Natural Cow Print Nails

Let’s start with looking at some simple, natural, and neutral cow print nails. These designs are perfect if you are wanting a cow print nail design that looks like …. cow print.

Simple Cow Print Nails

This cow print nail design keeps it pretty simple, but still looks amazing! I love the long almond shape used in these nails, and the bold cow print pattern.

If you are looking to create cow print nails and are new to nail art, this manicure is a great place to start. After prepping your nails, apply the white base coat and cure it. Then, use some nail art brushes to apply the cow print blobs onto your nails with black gel. The great thing about cow print is that it doesn’t have to look neat and even. You can create so many different shapes on your nails and still embrace the cow print vibes.

Cute Cow Print Nails

Don’t know if you fancy having cow print on all of your nails? Don’t worry, there are loads of different variations on the cow print trend!

This nail artist has opted to apply the cow print on only a few nails, keeping a natural French tip on the others. This is a great choice of manicure if you are wanting to practice your cow print skills, but don’t know if you want to do them on every nail.

Cow Print And Green Nails

If you are wanting to keep the cow prints natural-looking, but still wanting a pop of color, keep one or two nails free of the cow print design and apply your choice of color onto them.

I love the shade of green used in this manicure! It really complements the cow print, but still feels simple and relaxed.

Short Cow Print Nails

I love this twist on the cow print nail trend! The artist has used negative space to curate a beautiful manicure, only adding the cow print in abstract shapes on some of the nail. Adding the gold flecks onto the nails is super cute and adds a little bit of shimmer to the look.

If you are wanting to use negative space in your manicure, make sure you are keeping your nails healthy! If you do your manicures yourself, take care when prepping the nails to not weaken or damage the nails. I have sometimes damaged my nails when prepping them with a file, leaving marks on the nails.

Oh, and I swear by cuticle oil and nail strengthening cream. Nails are a great way of expressing your personality, so you want them to be healthy and strong!

Abstract Cow Print Nails

I am obsessed with the negative space trend right now, and I love this abstract cow print manicure. The artist has mixed the cow print trend up a little by playing with space and design. It is a super interesting look!

Oh, and again they have used a bold color on a few of the nails that complement the cow print design. Really great use of color!

Modern Cow Print Nails

This manicure uses the cow print nail trend with modern shapes and designs. By using different angles in contrast to the cow print, the artist has created a really interesting manicure that looks super cute!

If you want to recreate this manicure, buy some nail art tape in order to make the lines straight. Have a play around with shapes and angles in your next manicure to see what you can create.

French Cow Print Nails

French nails refer to when only the tips of the nails are painted. They are traditionally white tips, but there are so many fantastic variations on the French nails.

This nail artist has mixed the French nail trend with the cow print nail trend and I am in love! The design is pretty subtle and simple, and the artist has finished the look with a matte top coat for maximum sophistication.

If you are wanting to recreate this look, I would advise getting some French nail strips. These can be put on before you apply the manicure to make sure your design is just on the tips of the nails.

Cut-Out Cow Print Nails

I have seen this cut-out trend a lot on social media recently, and I think it looks really interesting. The cow print looks like a frame for the nail, and the artist has picked a neutral pink background to compliment the design.

Nude Cow Print Nails

This nail artist has kept the cow print nails nude and natural but has changed it up a little by using different colors on each nail. I really like the mix of shapes on these nails, keeping the cow print trend fresh and interesting.

Cow Print French Nails With Diamantes

The cow print trend looks super cool on French tips, and this artist has created a really interesting design by playing with the French tip shape. Going diagonally on the nail mixes up the French tip design, and adding a few diamantes to the manicure takes it to the next level!

Colorful Cow Print Nails

If you are a big fan of bold, colorful nails but still want to have a go at the cow print trend, there are so many amazing choices for you! Let’s look at my favorite colorful cow print nails that are going to give you a whole load of ideas for your next manicure.

Rainbow Cow Print Nails With a Flame

Flame nails are another big trend in the nail art world, and I love the use of an accent nail in this manicure. The variety of colors in the nails is really fun, and gives me big summer vibes.

You can recreate this manicure by getting a selection of your favorite colors and applying different colors to each nail using the cow print method. Keep one nail free and paint on a flame using gel nail pens.

When you have done your designs, remember to apply a top coat to finish off, giving the nails a healthy shine!

Long Acrylic Cow Print Nails

This manicure is bright and bold, using the cow print nail trend to really make a statement. I really like the length, too – more cow print to love!

Half and Half Cow Print Nails

I really like this unique twist on the cow print trend. The artist has opted to only apply the cow print design on half of each nail, with a range of colors on the other. They have then applied a really subtle line of glitter to add that extra bit of glam!

In order to recreate these at home, get some nail art tape in order to section each nail in two halves. Then apply the cow print design on one half, and your choice of color on the other. Finish it off with a glittery line and a top coat to give your nails that shimmer!

Coffin Cow Print Nails

Coffin nails are a beautiful manicure trend that is super sophisticated and quite dramatic! The artist has used the cow print to enhance the length of the nail by only putting the design on half the nail.

The addition of the colors into the design is subtle but really effective, adding that little pop of brightness into the manicure.

Pastel Cow Print Nails

Pastel. Cow print. Matte. French tips. This manicure has it all, but doesn’t look over the top or overdone! The colors are simply stunning, and I love how the artist has used a black base on one hand and a white base on the other.

Mix and Match Cow Print Nails

Do you like the cow print nail trend, but are wondering what else you can add in to your manicure to create the nails of your dreams? Mix and match nails is a big trend right now because it showcases the talent of the artist and allows you to get all the nail trends you want all in one go!

Colorful Mix and Match Cow Print Nails

This manicure really shows off the talent of the nail artist, but could you recreate this at home yourself? If you are loving the mix and match trend and want to give it a go, make sure you have a good set of nail art brushes in order to paint on the different designs.

Neutral Mix and Match Cow Print Nails

Mix and match nails are typically pretty bright and out there, but this artist has created neutral mix and match cow print nails that incorporate different designs without being too overwhelming!

I really like the choice of colors in this manicure. It allows you to experiment with colors and themes, but still get a set of nails that will go with a range of outfit choices.

Black and White Mix and Match Cow Print Nails

Black and white nails are effortlessly cool and create a sophisticated and modern manicure. Plus, there are so many different designs that can be used for black and white nails!

I love this mix and match manicure, using the cow print design on two of the nails and using a range of different trends on the other nails.

Cow Print Nails With Detailing

This cow print manicure is pretty different from the others, and it really shows us that there are so many different things to do with this trend! I love the additional colors and designs on the manicure, allowing a subtle mix of ideas and trends.

Cow Print Nails FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you may have about cow print nails.

Question: How Can I do Cow Print Nail Art at Home?

Answer: Cow print nail art is actually a great first step into nail art! This is because it is pretty easy to do. You will first need to apply your bottom color before curing it. Then, using nail art brushes, apply different splodges and shapes onto your nails. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t neat and tidy, and that is the beauty of the design. When you have cured the design, remember to apply a topcoat in order to make the manicure last.

Question: Are Cow Print Nails in Style?

Answer: Cow print nails are a trend that is here to stay! Because of all the amazing nail artists out there, the trend is constantly evolving and changing, with so many different options for cow print nails out there.

Question: How Much do Cow Print Nails Cost?

Answer: If you are wanting to go to a salon and get a cow print manicure, you may be looking at spending up to 100 dollars. However, some salons will charge around 30 or 40 dollars per manicure. It all depends on where you go and how detailed you are wanting the design!

Embrace Your Inner Cowboy This Summer With Cow Print Nails

What are your favorite cow print nails on the list? Do you prefer the more natural-looking designs, or are you all about the big, bold colorful manicures?

Whatever your style, I hope this article has given your some ideas and inspiration for your cow print manicure!

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