Evil Eye Nails Inspiration and Ideas

I am going to be honest, before I began properly researching evil eye nails inspiration, I kind of didn’t know how much I could write about this nail trend. Yeah, I have seen the trend a lot on my social media, and I do really love it, but I thought all designs were pretty similar.

But I soon found out that I was totally wrong! Because of the creativity of nail artists, there are so many cool and unique takes on this trend, from the classic blue evil eyes, to fresh colors and designs using the evil eye as a base.

So, what are some of the best evil eye nail designs trending right now?

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Evil eyes are a symbol of protection, commonly found in East Asia and the Mediterranean.
  • The blue and white evil eye design is a classic symbol, used in manicures to incorporate spirituality and folklore.
  • There is a range of evil eye designs, using different colors and manicure shapes.
  • Long evil eye nails are perfect if you are wanting a glamorous look.
  • Colorful evil eye nails bring a fun twist to the trend.
  • My favorite is the simple, short almond evil eye nails that add flicks of gold into the design. Super cute!

What Are Evil Eyes

If you are wanting to jump on the evil eye nails trend, it is really important to understand the history and culture of the symbol. Evil eyes are an ancient symbol of protection, and I first discovered the design after my mother went on holiday to Turkey and brought me back jewelry with evil eyes on.

The symbol is said to protect against the evil eye. This is a bad look that is said to cause harm to the person who receives it. The classic evil eye design is said to protect the wearer from this harm. It is a very spiritual symbol, with a long history.

Selection Criteria 

When picking the designs to include on this list, I wanted to make sure they follow the classic circular evil eye design and shape. There are loads of eye-themed manicures out there, but the evil eye is a specific design rooted in history and culture.

I also made sure to include a range of designs and ideas, from short and long manicures, to nails that use different colors in their design. The manicures included are all done by reputable salons to the highest standard.

Short Evil Eye Nails

Let’s begin by looking at short evil eye nails that use the classic white and blue evil eye design.

Natural Short Evil Eye Nails

This manicure is pretty simple, but still extremely beautiful! The nail artist has kept the nails natural, using a nude polish as a base. They have then added the evil eye nail design near the bed of the nail. If you are wanting to apply the evil eye design to your nails, use a range of nail art dotting tools in different sizes, and carefully dot the paint onto your nails.

French Tip Evil Eye Nails

The nail artist has mixed the French tip technique with the evil eye trend to create a stunning manicure. I love how some tips are block color, but others have beautiful, intricate evil eye designs. It is done so well!

Lavender Evil Eye Nails

I really like the shade of lavender used in these evil eye nails. The design feels fresh and light, with only a few evil eyes dotted on certain nails.

If you are unsure about hand painting the evil eye symbols onto your nails, you can purchase some evil eye nail stickers to add to your manicure!

White Evil Eye Nails

This manicure keeps it simple with a white color as a base for the evil eye design. They have then added flecks of silver to the nails, adding a little bit of texture. Stunning, simple, and sophisticated!

Short Almond Evil Eye Nails

I am kind of in love with this manicure! The nail artist has added a small amount of length to the nail, then curved them into the classic almond shape. They have kept the base coat natural, then added the evil eye design and gold foil to the nails.

Long Evil Eye Nails

If short nails aren’t for you, the evil eye design looks amazing on long nails! Longer nails mean more room for design, right?!

Coffin Evil Eye Nails

I love these coffin nails and the interesting twist on the evil eye nails. The nail artist has used the classic evil eye colors in swirly shapes across the nails, creating a trippy and very cool manicure!

Swirly Evil Eye Nails

The nail artist has mixed wavy swirls with evil eyes to create a very summery manicure. I love the bright colors used, and the square shape of the nails. They have also added a few gems onto the nails, which I absolutely love. In my eyes, any manicure is instantly better after applying a few shiny jewels!

Square Evil Eye Nails

This manicure incorporates the evil eye design with a few other trends and eye styles. I really like how the nail artist has mixed things up a little bit on each nail, creating an interesting manicure.

Dali Evil Eye Nails

Okay, I am going to call this manicure the Dali evil eye design, because the eyes totally make me think of the iconic clocks from Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Time!

I love this fresh take on the evil eye design, playing with shapes and angles to create something unique. Properly trippy.

Stiletto Evil Eye Nails

This manicure strips back the evil eye trend, only applying a few eyes to one of the nails. The exaggerated stiletto shape of the nails is very OTT, and I definitely am here for it! I love how the nail artist has added subtle lines of blue to the nails, emphasizing their length.

Red Evil Eye Nails

The evil eye symbol usually appears in shades of blues and white, but if those colors aren’t for you, you can still incorporate the evil eye design into your manicure.

Prefer the color red? No worries, we have you covered!

Square Red Evil Eye Nails

I really like the plastic look of these red nails, they appear to be translucent! After applying the red base, the nail artist has then added blue evil eyes to the design in different sizes.

If you are wanting to get your nails done like this, have a chat with the salons near you to see if they can recreate this modern look.

Red and Purple Evil Eye Nails

These nails are super cute, matching a bold red color with a more relaxed purple shade. The evil eye design is only on two of the nails, with a different eye design on the middle fingers.

These nails are playful and fun, taking a more girly twist on the evil eye nail trend.

Red Evil Eye Nails With Glitter

Glitter always takes a mani to the next level, and this nail design just proves it! The nail artist has added swirls of silver glitter and red to some of the nails, with a beautiful glittery ombre effect on the ring fingers.

Pink Evil Eye Nails

Do you swear by pink for your nails? Here are some pink evil eye nail designs to give you some inspiration for your next salon trip!

Baby Pink Evil Eye Nails

This manicure embraces the feature nail trend, using a beautiful baby pink shade on most of the nails except the ring fingers. They have then matched the pink with their evil eye designs, adding little gems alongside the eyes.

Pink French Tip Evil Eye Nails

I really like this shimmery bright shade of pink used for the tips of this manciure, with gold flecks decorating the nails. The nail artist has then used the evil eye design with a classic eye shape, highlighted with gold.

It is a really interesting design, and I love the playfulness of the shapes and colors.

Pink and Blue Evil Eye Nails

This design is very cool, mixing things up with a different color on each hand. I love the matching designs, keeping some of the nails French and some with evil eyes. They have then added a stunning swirl pattern to two of the nails. So beautiful!

Glittery Pink Evil Eye Nails

If you are a big fan of glitter, incorporate it into the evil eye trend! This manicure is pretty simple, but very cute. The nail artist has used a light pink glitter for the base of the design, then added a pink evil eye design on each nail.

Colorful Evil Eye Nails

Are you a fan of the bright and bold? I love rainbow, colorful nails, and there are some great evil eye nails that use loads of colors!

Rainbow Evil Eye Nails

The nail artist has used loads of different colors in these evil eye nails, and they look amazing! Each nail has a different design, with ranges of eyes and dots incorporated into the look. Super stunning, and very bold!

Mix and Match Evil Eye Nails

This evil eye manicure is beautiful, with mix and match designs and styles on the nails. They have incorporated different eye shapes and themes into the manicure, and I love the playful colors used.

Simple Colorful Evil Eye Nails

I love the simplicity of this manicure. By applying lots of little evil eyes to a natural base, the manicure is not too over the top, but still has intrigue and color.

Matte Colorful Evil Eye Nails

Again, this nail artist has chosen to incorporate different eye designs into the manicure. All designs are beautifully done, and I really like the shapes and lines used. Some of the artwork reminds me of aliens, with swirly tentacles and eyes on stalks!

The nail artist has finished the manicure off with a sleek matte top coat.

Showstopping Evil Eye Nails

To finish things off, I want to look at the properly over-the-top evil eye nails out there. You know the kind. The utterly glamorous, jaw-dropping designs that will definitely make you feel major nail envy.

Let’s go!

Extra Long Evil Eye Nails

This manicure is stunning, and I cannot get over the detailing. Each nail is a work of art, and I love the gems used on the middle finger. The blue floral design is super cool, too!

Gems and Evil Eye Nails

Matching your evil eye designs with gems is a great way to take your manicure up a notch. These nails are very cool, and I love the 3D effect used. The marbling on the little fingers is also really interesting, adding another dimension to the design.

Bling Evil Eye Nails

These nails are totally extravagant, and I am a little bit obsessed. The nail artist has incorporated 3D ornamental bling onto the nails, using the evil eye design to bring everything together. I can’t stop staring at them…


Let’s look at some questions you might have about evil eye nails.

Question: Can you Wear the Evil Eye on Your Nails?

Answer: Of course you can! This wonderful symbol of protection can be worn in so many different ways, and looks fantastic incorporated into a manicure.

Question: What do the Evil Eye Nails Symbolize?

Answer: The evil eye design is an ancient symbol of protection, based on the spiritual belief that a look or glance can cause harm to a person. The evil eye symbol is worn to protect against this harm.

Question: How can I do Evil Eye Nails?

Answer: The evil eye design is pretty simple to apply to your nails! Using dotting tools of different sizes, apply the dots onto your nails. If you want, you can also get some evil eye nail stickers to add to your manicure.

Ward off Evil With Evil Eye Nails

The evil eye nail trend is really popular right now, and I can see why! This stunning symbol of protection can be incorporated into manicures in so many different ways, with a range of colors and designs to pick from.

Which evil eye manicure is your favorite? My favorite is the short almond evil eye manicure with flecks of gold. Simple, yet so effective!

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